Friday, November 7, 2008

What's for Breakfast? Free Crumbs Cupcakes!!

Crumbs Mint Choco Cupcake

Rumors have come and gone about free cupcakes at the new Crumbs locations. At last, we got confirmation and I set my alarm clock for an early wake-up. I'm not missing out on free cupcakes, it's like free money. You know I'm going to eat it anyway, might as well be when I can get it for free.

I woke up in time, caught the right train, and went straight to 52nd and Madison. Though Moniker did recently mention about finding an eggshell in one of their products, I will take a chance on free cake and frosting. I picked up one of the new flavors, Baba Booey (named after the producer of the Howard Stern Show); it is a chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter cream cheese, and frosted in more peanut butter cream cheese and chocolate frosting. For more on the story behind it, click here. A full report and photos later (the photo above is the Grasshopper, also available.)

Any and every cupcake is available for the offer. They are asking every person if they would like a free cupcake and had already given out 100 by 8:30, so I imagine this won't last too long.

Note: One per person!!

The locations:
501 Madison Avenue at 52nd Street
(212) 750-0515

1418 Lexington Avenue at 93rd Street
(212) 360-7200

124 University Place between 13th and 14th Streets
(212) 206-8011

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Cakespy said...

Holy delicious. That photo is really affecting me in a "I-wish-there-was-a-crumbs-nearby" sort of way.