Monday, December 22, 2008

Adorable Christmas Cupcakes!

Adorable One Girl Cupcakes

Last weekend I popped by One Girl Cookies to do a little hot cocoa sampling with Erin and Robyn. Upon arrival I noticed these adorable cupcakes in the window. Cupcakes at One Girl?! Hmmm. This deserved further investigation...

Alas, they didn't have any of the cute Christmas tree cupcakes for sale at the time. Sadness. So we consoled ourselves with a couple of whoopie pies and Robyn offered up bites of her regular vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting ($2.00). The cake was moist yet still toothsome and the frosting wasn't overpoweringly sweet. Yum.


Yesterday I popped in and again they didn't have the little Christmas tree cupcakes but said that they might be making some for sale that afternoon. I don't know what it is about these cupcakes...maybe it's the idea of eating several trees worth of frosting awakens my inner cupcake dinosaur. It's a cute idea for decorating cupcakes for the season and if I can't make it back to snag some, I might give it a try myself at home.

Cute Christmas Cupcakes

One Girl Cookies

68 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY

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I heart cupcakes said...

These look really cute! Another place I shall have to try and visit on my trip to NY! so many cupcakes places so little time!