Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Care Packages! Get Your Care Packages!

Mo's Bacon Bar!

I'm a designer! I'm a designer! My submission for Zingerman's Serious Eats Student Care Package won and is now available as the "Senior Package." What does the "Senior Package" entail? Well...

I tried to think about the things I enjoyed as a student and what I would have really appreciated as a gift. Coffee, sugar, bacon, and cheese were high on my list--hmmm, I suppose some things never change--and here's what I suggested:

Roadhouse Joe Coffee: Necessary fuel for reading period and exams
Sourcream Coffeecake: Quick and easy breakfast on the way to class
Chile Cheddar Bread: A party in your pantry, perfect for sharing or saving for yourself
Mo's Bacon Bar: Bacon and chocolate is a combination that's meant to be
Antique Gruyère: A chunk of gruyere from Murray's changed my life as a sophomore at NYU; gotta pay it forward
Chorizo: Tasty formerly illicit pork product. Need I say more?
Ginger Brownie: Late-night sugar rush with a kick*
Peppery Black Currant Vampire's Lunch Gummis: Aw, remember when your mom used to pack you fruit snacks? Well, these are made with real fruit, and the currant pepper combo should appeal to your developing palate while reminding you that you'll always be your parent's baby

*I couldn't design a care package without a brownie, now could I?

Visit Zingerman's to order the Senior Package or any of the other fantastic care packages for the college students or Serious Eaters in your life. And if you click through to Serious Eats you can find a special discount code for 10% off. I may not be a student anymore, but I still love care packages... Mom? Dad?


Yvo Sin said...

Wow that's so cool! Congrats on the win :)

Anonymous said...

nice job on the win!

Jaime Temairik said...

That's so cool!

And I would want all that in a care package at any age.

At first glance the items look like something you'd order if you were a pioneer on the prairie or Matthew Cuthbert -- bacon, coffee, sugar -- but then you make it wiggity-wack-delicious!

Brownie said...

Thanks guys!

@cocoastomp: haha, maybe it's an unconscious tribute to my Oregon Trail playing days. Gotta get those staples in! ;)