Monday, December 15, 2008

Checking out the Breakfast Offerings at Maoz

Maoz in Union Square
I love, love, love Maoz, the European falafel chain that's established a couple little shops in the city. If a Maoz could replace each and every Chipotle in the city I would be a happy woman. And I've been known to frequent the Maoz in Union Square pre or post a little shopping run at the Trader for a whole wheat pita stuffed with as much of the broccoli, pickled eggplant, and spicy pickled carrots as I can manage, so naturally I was excited to see the other day that Maoz is taking on breakfast...

The Toppings Bar

The breakfast menu at Maoz had a nice variety of options. Non-Fat Greek Yogurt and Hot Oatmeal are both available in classic Maoz style with plenty of topping options, everything from dried fruit, nuts, and seeds to fresh fruit like litchis. A small non-fat yogurt with three toppings goes for $5.25 (each additional topping is .70) and a large topping goes for $6.25 while a small oatmeal will run you $3.95 and a large $4.95. The yogurt price seems a bit steep, but it can be hard to find non fat yogurt available for purchase at breakfast time.

Oatmeal Topping Bar

The woman behind the counter told me that they have been serving breakfast for a couple of weeks now. She highly recommended the Eggstreme (aka Shakshuka to-go), a pita stuffed with a poached egg and a spicy fresh tomato sauce and the Bourekas, a warm puff pastry filled with cheese/spinach or cheese/potato.

Yogurt and Bourekas

While the Bourekas looked fantastic I needed some protein so I opted for the Eggstreme...


The Eggstreme held up pretty well in transit. I meant to eat it right when I got to the office, but I got wrapped up in stuff and didn't end up eating for over an hour. The pita was a little soggy, but definitely still edible. I was expecting the tomato sauce to be like the sauce for the Shakshuka at Miriam. This sauce had fresh tomatos, onions and green peppers with just a hint of a spicy kick. Really good. If Maoz were more convenient in terms of my morning commute, I'd definitely consider popping in occasionally for a little pre-work fuel.

The breakfast offerings should definitely be appealing to Maoz's NYU clientele, many of whom live in the dorms surrounding Union Square. Back in my NYU days when I lived in this very nabe--in an era before Maoz--I'd hit up Blimpie for an egg and cheese on a roll pre-exam. I know, I know...I'm not proud of it. But for any NYU students needing a quick breakfast, I'd definitely recommend Maoz for a healthy pre-test meal.

Hooray for Oatmeal Toppings!

38 Union Sq East
New York, NY 10003
Between 16th & 17th St
Monday through Thursday 7:30am to 11:00pm
Friday 7:30am to 12:00am
Saturday 11:00am to 12:00am
Sunday 11:00am to 10:00pm

There is another location on 59 East 8th Street between Broadway and University, but as of right now they aren't serving breakfast.


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Rachel said...

I would eat their broccoli 3 (or more) meals a day. Just went there this weekend and didn't know they had breakfast - AWESOME.

Unknown said...

man, i didn't know they had breakfast now! need to try that. my aunt and uncle have been living in union sq since the 80s and i crashed with them all last summer while i was between apartments. i maaaay have been known to eat at maoz 4-5 times per week. i am not ashamed.

i've determined that the key to maoz is to get the salad bowl instead of the pita - you can fit SO many more toppings into the bowl.

Anonymous said...

I too want that sandwich! Need to see if the Maoz in London does those.