Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't Be Hasty With $150 Worth of Meat on the Line

Important Sandwich Research
When Zach first announced that Murray's would be holding a Midtown Lunch sandwich contest, I immediately started short-circuiting as evidenced in my first comment. After that minor breakdown, various meats and cheeses began dancing in my head, plans started formulating, a GCT market mission had to occur!!

Since our first foray, many have stepped up including Zach who pretty much schooled us youngins on how to make a sandwich. Brownie and I hadn't had the chance to meet again for a redo, until yesterday. With $150 worth of meat at stake, I knew I shouldn't put down the first combinations I thought of; research and tastings NEEDED to occur. After meeting, I gave Brownie the one rule: everything had to be $13.99/pound or less; that was the very sensitive price point, but you could only have two items max that expensive. Yes, there may have been a spreadsheet involved in my calculations. After cleaning up at both Murray's counters we headed downstairs, and set up shop. During the next half hour of intense research, we both came up with favorites.

The Blue Piggy
Brownie: "The Blue Piggy" - Maple Smoked Ham from VT Smoke and Cure, Murray’s Roasted Pork Loin (marinated in olive oil and covered in fennel, rosemary, and garlic), and Shropshire Blue.

Blondie's Sandwich
Me: Murray's Roast Beef (made with beef from Ottomanelli's), Proscuitto Gran Biscotto, Classic Grafton 2 year Cheddar, and Young Goat Gouda

Unfortunately, only one person can go home with the meat. Stayed tuned to Midtown Lunch to find out who wins, and if you think you have a winning sandwich, enter it in the comments before 5pm EST TODAY!

Murray's Real Salami and Murray's Cheese
Grand Central Market
43rd Street and Lexington Avenue


Yvo Sin said...

Oh damn, you're a genius. I searched the site and didn't see roast beef! Now I'm happy with my first choice :P

Anonymous said...

Double Cheese!

Anonymous said...

ooooh both of those sandwiches look ridiculously good!

Anonymous said...
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