Monday, December 22, 2008

Festivus for the Rest of Us

House made of Ginger and Bread
Jean Scardina is some kind of awesome. She was profiled in yesterday's "The Way We Eat" in the New York Times. The lady makes 6,000 cookies during the holidays, and has surpassed Elaine as my new idol.

Gingerbread House
So, I'm not so religious. I'm a shallow, 'not even two times a year' Catholic, but I sure do love holidays. I celebrate them all, Chinese New Year, Bastille Day, and Festivus. This year, I decided to go on a cookie frenzy. At the end, eight different types have been made, almost all will be handed out to family and friends as little packages of happiness (Brownie, I have yours in my desk right this minute). Yet, those weren't my crowning achievement this weekend, making my very first gingerbread house was. I didn't begin liking gingerbread until about three years ago, so making a gingerbread house never really appealed to me. But this year, I decided to do it, using my nephew as an excuse why. He fully realized it was all for me, I was only 'consulting' him on decoration choices. After a near-collapse from not letting the sides dry fully prior to placing the roof on, I'd say my first one came out pretty good, don't you think? Now for some shots of the cookie madness:

Snickerdoodles all wrapped up, waiting to be sent away

Sugar Cookies
I followed Gina DePalma's recipe and guidance.

Russian Tea Cakes
Russian tea cakes or Mexican wedding cookies, whatever you call them, these are little nutty sweet pieces of delicious.

Pecan Sables
Pecan Sables, buttery and nutty. At one point, the Mexican wedding cookie and pecan sable doughs got mixed up. Serious tastings occurred in order to save Festivus!

Chocolate Ginger Cookies
Some of Brownie's famous chocolate gingers. I can hope she likes them a little.

By the way, Happy Hanukkah to all out there celebrating it! Mmm, latkes.


Malia said...

These look delicious! My sister and I made Mexican wedding cookies, gingerbread men, chocolate peppermint cookies and snickerdoodles this year. :)

Anonymous said...
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