Friday, December 12, 2008

Kee's Comes To Midtown

Chocolates from Kee's
Between the Treats Truck, the new Kee's, and the soon-to-be-opened Lily O'Briens chocolates, I should just make my life easier and set up shop in front of the 42nd Street library.

Kee's comes to Midtown
About two weeks ago, I was walking down 5th Avenue from 40th Street to 39th when I looked to my right, into the HSBC lobby, and much to my surprise, spotted a Kee's. Seeing as it is one and a half blocks away from my favorite Treats Truck spot, I've often walked along this block, maybe I'd always been more focused on treats? No, they reassured me, this second Kee's shop had only recently opened. Wonderful, I'm not an idiot and I get to eat Kee's more often now. Of course I dragged Brownie there-she didn't give much resistance-to get chocolates, and fortunately for us, there's a $10 minimum for using cards.

Black Sesame from Kee's
Black Sesame-I love the texture of the black sesame. The crunch of the toasted sesame crust complements the velvety truffle inside perfectly.

Mousse-I'm always thrown off by Kee's mousse. I think fluffy airy mousse inside, but it's actually an 'aerated cream'. Still very enjoyable.

Lavendar Chocolate from Kee's
Lavender-I'd never had the lavender before. I wasn't able to taste much lavender at all, but that could easily be because of the state of my palate at the time (already had lunch and eaten some of the treats truck cupcake.)

Mint Mocha from Kee's
Mint Mocha-Do we like mint and chocolate? Yes. Do we like mocha and chocolate? Yes. Do we like little coffee beans? Yes. There's even surprise whipped cream inside.

Thai Chili Chocolate
Thai Chili-I took a bite, let it melt for about 5 seconds, and boom! Hello, chili! How are you? Our mutual favorite of the bunch.

Chocolates from Kee's are a bit more expensive than drugstore fare, $2.35 for each chocolate and $2.45 for a macaron, but, in my opinion, completely worth it. I'd much rather have one of these chocolates than two candy bars. Kee Ling Tong uses ingredients of exceptional quality and it really comes through in each piece. I have yet to have one and think that it wasn't worth it. These are definitely some of the best chocolates in New York City.

Kee's Chocolates Midtown
452 Fifth Avenue (inside HSBC)
(212) 525-6099

Kee's Chocolates SoHo (original store)
80 Thompson Street
(212) 334-3284


Unknown said...

These pieces look divine! So glad Kee's opened in Midtown. This is going to be dangerous as I work on 40th and Madison. Uh-oh!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, ladies! I know where I will be stopping by on my way home from work...

talida said...

awesome, thanks for the news!