Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Morning Annoucements

Blue Label!!!
That was a nice, restful weekend, wasn't it? Well, mine wasn't. Welcome to the holiday season aka "the tourists better hope I'm in a good mood walking down the sidewalk as I'm known to spit fire and brimstone" season. I blame it on my imaginary Tourette's. Jump for the announcements...

Johnnie Walker Blue Booth
Announcement #1) Johnnie Walker Blue's engraving studio is back. It will be at Grand Central Terminal the entire month of December, and set up shop in the Time Warner Center back on November 14 for a run to end on January 4th. ADDENDUM: The booth in GCT is located by the Zaro's in Graybar Passage, further into the terminal from Joe.

Grimaldi's Douglaston
Announcement #2) The planned Queens Fairway store may be one step closer to reality tonight as a required variance is going in front of Community Board 11 Queens. It appears Fairway will need a 25% expansion in order to become the grocery store of my dreams; the variance has already been approved by the zoning committee and has full community backing. Note that across the way is new Grimaldi's. If some of the Red Hook vendors decide to relocate to Crocheron Park, I will have absolutely no use for Brooklyn.

Candy Cane Joe-Joes
Announcement #3) The approaching Christian holiday combined with my increasingly bad mood this weekend made me think of one thing, Candy Cane Joe-Joes. When introduced to them last year, thank you Brownie, I bought maybe six or seven boxes during the month and froze a few, à la Girl Scout cookies. During my monthly trip to the Queens' Trader Joe's yesterday, I spotted oodles of holiday treats, many of which I will get on my special "Holiday Treats" trip next weekend. I'm not quite sure how long the holiday treats have been out, probably a few weeks now, but I've completely given up on the Union Square TJ's leading to my monthly trips.

Back to your Cyber Monday shopping....


Anonymous said...

those candy cane joe-joes look really tempting... ahhhh, how is one supposed to keep the weight off while eating knock-off oreos?!

Brownie said...

Yay! Welcome back, Candy Cane Joe-Joes!

Anonymous said...
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