Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Morning Annoucements

Before we get to the announcements, I would like to ask, am I the only person who's happy they didn't get on Amazing Race this season? If my second to last clue was "Go to the Cart Park," I would have immediately given up on winning. Well, maybe for a million dollars I would have foregone visiting all the carts, but only if promised that we could come right back after reaching the finish line.

Yes, last night's season finale of Amazing Race was in Portland, Oregon; the teams had to find this Russian food cart in the parking lot at SW Alder and 9th. I had heard these rumors of food carts in Portland especially in this post by Danny of Food in Mouth, but nothing could have prepared me for the cart eutopia I glimpsed during those scenes. When a video becomes available on YouTube, it will be shared, (12.9 UPDATE: click here) until then ponder the costs of moving to Portland while looking through this wonderful site:

In other news, Brownie visited her homeland this past weekend, leaving me to my technological devises. Upon telling I have been repeatedly asked the same question "Are you on Tumblr?" to which I responded with a confusing "No." Alas, that time is no more, B&B can now be found not only on Tumblr, but also on Twitter. Yes, we will 'tweet'. Be sure to follow us!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, and said the same thing. How can these people pass up a chance to try all these different foods! And when they were in Russia and had to buy a samosa-type-thing and simply hand it over to the old woman, that drove me nuts. Why didn't they buy a few? And eat it on the carpet with the host? That is why I would lose the Amazing Race, among other reasons...

Anonymous said...
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