Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Morning Cartoons: Muppet Family Christmas, Part 2

Of course nobody's watching out for the ice. Christmas Eve has progressed into the snowman-making, home video-watching, and Swedish Chef trying to get a Christmas turkey part of the holiday. Little does everyone know that some very special carolers are about to visit!! As we're about to enter into the rushed final week before the holidays commence, Hanukkah is kicking off the festivities next Monday, we hope you can take a minute to enjoy the season!


CityMinx said...

That was awesome! Thanks for the blast from the past...

By the way, I made the pear gruyere mini tarts for Thanksgiving this year, they were fabulous!!

Happy Holidays!

Bear Silber said...

I love that you post these, the are classic. I love 'em!