Thursday, December 4, 2008

Take the F Train to Frosted Bliss!

Cupcake Tasting at Batch

This month is a very special month...why? Well, it's our pals at over Cupcake Takes the Cake 4th blogiversary! Most of your probably know that CTTC is the ULTIMATE cupcake blog and our go-to site for all things cupcake. In honor of their birthday, they've asked us to participate in their month-long celebration by guest blogging on their site. Naturally we were excited and tried to think of something fun and birthday worthy. With the holidays approaching, we know a lot of visitors will be arriving in our dear city during the next month. And who doesn't love cupcakes? Now 99% of the New York City cupcake tours hit the big places, Magnolia, Buttercup, Billy's, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, but what about all the other great bakeries?! So we've decided to put together a simple, follow the map tour. There's a good amount of walking through some of the best neighborhoods in our dear city (come on, do you really want spend all day in boring, old Midtown?!) and only one subway to get on, so there's no chance of making the wrong transfer and ending up in the Rockaways. Time to jump on the F Train for your frosting fix...


Alice's Teacup: Chapter II
156 East 64th St.
(212) 486-9200
Start your trip off right with a spot of tea and a cupcake! While Alice's might not necessarily be as known for their cupcakes as some other NYC cupcakeries, they definitely know their cupcakes. And when it comes to cupcake takeout, Alice's has your back. Their cupcakes come packed in special recessed cupcake containers. Cupcake Standout: Black Bottom Cupcake. The chocolate cake is perfectly moist and the cream cheese filling was perfectly sweetened. Not your traditional cupcake, but a real winner.

Black Bottom Cupcakes from Alice's Teacup

Take the F train 2 stops from 63rd Street/Lexington Avenue to 49th Street/Rockefeller Center

Magnolia Bakery
1240 Avenue of the Americas
(212) 767-1123
Neither of us are huge Magnolia fans, but if making a pilgrimage to Carrie Bradshaw's cupcake Vahalla is a must for you, you might as well hit the midtown one. Easy on and off on the F train and though midtown is a tourist hub, they are good about managing the lines at this location. Their red velvet is the best of the bunch, but trust us, you'll want to save your appetite for the places yet to come!

Red Velvet Cupcake from Midtown Magnolia Opening Party

Take the F train 1 stop to 42nd Street/Bryant Park

43 West 42nd St
(212) 221-1500
Crumbs is rapidly becoming the cupcake emperor overtaking Manhattan, not that we mind so much, especially with the peanut butter Baba Booey.

Baba Booey Cupcake

Time to hop back on the F and head for the village where you'll walk off some of those cuppycakes; take the F train 3 stops to 14th Street, exit the 16th street end of the station, and walk 2 blocks to:

Cupcake Cafe
18 West 18th Street
(212) 465-1530‎
Cupcake Cafe has been making gorgeous cupcakes since 1988. Hands down they make some of the most beautiful cupcakes in city. Cupcakes come in two sizes: small for $2.50 and large for $3.50. Their cake is a bit dry and the frosting's flavor tends towards the more subtle. It's also is VERY, VERY buttery. Not our favorite, but the setting of this outpost in the famed Books of Wonder children's bookstore is awesome.

Mocha Chocolate Cupcake

Walk west to back 6th Avenue then make a left and walk south 7 blocks to:

461 Avenue of the Americas
(212) 255-5236
Adorable new west village bakery. All cupcakes are $2. They use the same bakery as Baked in Red Hook. Moist and chocolatey cake and very fluffy frosting. The staff is great. When Blondie visited she saw a deliveryman come in; he must've been a regular. He walked in, they made his drink, no words were spoken. Aw, it's like Cheers for cupcakes!

Oreo & Sweet & Salty from Royale

Walk 1 block south to West 10th Street, make a right and walk and 2 blocks southwest to:

150B West 10th Street
(212) 929-0250
Say hi to Pichet, his wonderful mother, and Betty along with the rest of the P*ong/Batch crew. From Coconut Raspberry Green Tea to Bacon Caramel Pumpkin, Pichet definitely wins the award for most creative flavor combinations. Brownie's favorite cupcake place in the city. Cupcakes here are $2.95. Try the Maple Pumpkin, the Lemon, Lemon, Lemon and/or the Carrot Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting.

Banana Cupcake & CarrotCupcake-1

At this point you might be in a sugar stupor. Shake it off with some caffeine at Joe. If you're lucky they might be stocking cupcakes made by Amy Sedaris...

Sheer Bliss: A latte from Joe and Cupcakes from Batch

Latte in hand it's time to get back on the train. Take the F three stops to Delancey Street. Walk one block north on Essex Street and 1 block east on to Rivington to:

Sugar Sweet Sunshine
126 Rivington Street
(212) 995-1960
No tour of ours would be complete without a stop at Blondie's favorite bakery. Eat a cupcake in what feels like a vintage store. Cupcakes here go for $1.50. Blondie can't resist the Pumpkin: Pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing. Moist, spicy, and tangy. What more could you want?

Box o' cake

Head back to Essex Street and walk two blocks south and 1 block west to:

Babycakes NYC
248 Broome Street
(212) 677-5047
Ever wondered what a vegan gluten-free cupcake tastes like? It's pretty darn tasty. Babycakes has gluten-free, refined sugar-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, casein-free, vegan, and kosher goods available. By far, the best bakery in NYC for those with food allergies. Cupcakes range from $3.25 to $4.25. Not up for a full cupcake? Go for a frosting shot for $1.50 or a cupcake top for $2.00. Special Gluten-free Gingerbread cupcakes and other holiday specialities will be available for the holidays from Thursday, 12/18 through Wednesday, 12/24. Best to put in your order early!

Now, it's time to leave 'the rock', but don't worry, the Frosting line won't let you down. Hop the F and head into Brooklyn. Ride 4 stops to Bergen Street. Hop off and walk 4 blocks south to Butler street and 1 block west to:

The Chocolate Room
269 Court Street
(718) 246-2600
Love chocolate cupcakes? This is the place for you. A dense fudgy cupcake here will set you back just $2.50.

Chocolate Room Cupcake

Just a couple of doors down you'll find:

Sweet Melissa
276 Court Street
(718) 855-3410
Go for the chocolate peanut butter one. Mmm, mmm good. $3.00 a cupcake. Cupcakes from Sweet Melissa were the first treat that Blondie brought to Brownie's new place.

Sweet Melissa Cupcakes

Walk 4 blocks north to and 1 block east to catch the F at Bergen. Take the train 2 stops to Smith and 9th Street. Walk west and south to:

359 Van Brunt Street
(718) 222-0345
Love their fluffy frosting and moist cake. Fun flavor combos include Malted and the Sweet and Salty--Dark chocolate cake infused with a salty caramel, caramel chocolate ganache and topped with fleur de sel.


Head back to the subway and take the F train 2 more stops into Brooklyn to 7th Avenue, walk 2 blocks south and 1 block east to:

Ladybird Bakery
1112 8th Avenue
(718) 499-8108
Formerly Two Little Red, Hens, Ladybird is a classic. Their top quality cupcakes keep the Park Slope crowd happy and that's no easy feat.

St. Patty's Day Sprinkle Cupcakes

Huzzah! You cupcake guru, you. You are the F Train master. Now go forth and eat cupcakes!


Laurel said...

That was AWESOME! No doubt I would pass out in a sugar coma by stop 4, but I love the list-- you got some of my favorites, plus a few I need to check out. Have you guys been to Butter Lane yet?

kathryn said...

Isn't there a Chocolate Room on the LES now? On Clinton Street?

FN said...

Good stuff. I would add one more....

Downtown Bakery on Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn. Closest stop: Bergen St.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. And I love to save things to Google maps so this was perfect! I'll be saving this for my next trip to NYC for sure!!

Anonymous said...

no one thought to stop by Sweet revenge?!?! that place is freakin awesome.

Vashti said...

reading your blog makes me so homesick! I miss New York!

I heart cupcakes said...

Reading all your cupcake posts makes me wish the next 85 days would go quicker! I cannot wait to be in NY - 8 days eating cupcakes awaits me - I shall be checking out all the ones mentioned in your list - I already have a list of about 28 places I want to aim to try!!