Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck, One Treat at a Time: Limited Holiday Editions!!

Melty Chocolate Chipper

I am thoroughly involved in what is being referred to as "Cookie Crunch". Many cookies are involved in this scandalous activity namely Snicker the Doodle, Pecàn Sablé, Breadmen of the Gingerland, Spritzes, and Czech descendants with walnuts. Alas, I cannot ignore the pull of chocolate covered deliciousness!!!

Inside Melty Chocolate Chipper
Yes, my holiday cookie baking pushed all thoughts of cupcake day out of my mind, and for that I am very sorry to the cupcakes I did not eat. Yet all odd food holiday celebrating was not lost as the Treats Truck was also celebrating chocolate covered anything day (thank you Zach for alerting me!) I stepped out at lunch to brave the cold and flurries (sorry to the lady I bumped into while trying to catch snowflakes with my tongue) only to face the agonizing decision of chocolate covered chippers or M&M crispies. Obviously, I went with the chipper. Chewy, if a bit under-baked, the chocolate drizzle on top made everything okay, especially after I warmed it up a bit and it got all melty.

I love Snowman
Kim is also still going strong with a variety of holiday treats, and since I was standing in the snow, I HAD to get a sugar snowman. In my humble opinion, the sugar cookie has greatly improved since Sugar was born. As I found out before Halloween, it's very chewy and sweet, while the frosting is creamy and doesn't make the whole thing too sugary. This wonky-eyed snowman received high marks in my house.

Keep informed of the truck's location by calling (212) 691-5226, checking their Twitter, or visiting

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CityMinx said...

So, today I finally met Kim! The treats truck was hired to come to set of the show I work on, and I finally got to try all (well, some) of the goodies you have been talking about for months. Kim is fantastic and friendly, and I totally geeked out and brought her some of the holiday candy I had made for the crew - sigh, just a foodie fan at heart, I suppose...