Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: A Year in Treats...

Kim Ima and Co

This past year has been a good one for treats and Blondie and I have been steadily tasting the offerings at the Treats Truck. With the year drawing to a close--and the Treats Truck on a well deserved vacay until the New Year--it seems high time to countdown our top five Treats Truck treats of the year...

5.) Chocolate Candy Candy Cupcakes:
The frosting had a great minty kick and it wasn't overly sweet--always a plus in my book. The cupcake itself was denser than I usually go for and yet with the frosting it worked well. Christmas Cupcake perfection. I hope these stick around in the New Year.

Candy Cane Cupcakes-1

2.) Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
So moist, so fluffy, so spicy, so sweet, so delicious. The pumpkin cake is perfectly spiced, while the cream cheese frosting wasn't too sweet. Big winner.

Pumpkin Cake!

3.) Seasonal Sugar Cookies
Normally sugar cookies are easy to pass up treats. But Kim knows her way around a sugar cookie. These are very chewy and sweet. The frosting is creamy without being overly sugary. Yum!

I love Snowman

4.) The Peanut Butter Jamwich
Two peanut butter cookies sandwiching a thin shmear of both creamy peanut butter and of raspberry jam. Delish. I'd be a fan even if I didn't come up with the name. Very excited to see that the jamwich has made it's way into the regular treat rotation.

Peanut Butter Jamwich

1.) Conecakes!
Our post this summer on the appearance of conecakes at the Treats Truck has generated a ton of interest with links from Cupcakes Take the Cake, Midtown Lunch, Serious Eats New York, Cityrag, Gothamist, Grub Street, and Zagat Buzz among others. And there have been charged reactions from equally vociferous pro-Conecake and anti-Conecake factions... Delicious nostalgic treat or boring snack best left at Midwestern bake sales? We're decidedly pro. Conecakes are fun and a pleasant departure from the standard cupcake and the Treats Truck is the only place I've ever seen them for sale in the city. I love the mint chocolate chip conecake and Blondie favors the vanilla chocolate chip one.


Keep informed of the truck's location by calling (212) 691-5226, checking their Twitter, or visiting Kim and co should be back in action for deliveries on Monday, January 5th and she'll be in her regular spot on 38th Street & 5th Ave from 12:00pm to 3:30pm.

Looking forward to the New Year we can't wait to see what Kim has in store for Valentines Day and we'd love to see some gingerbread slices find their way onto the menu... What are your favorite Treats Truck treats?

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