Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There is a Santa! Archway Cookies returns!


File this under anything can happen at Christmastime. In October, cookie lovers learned that Archway & Mother's Cookie Company had gone Chapter 11. And they were ceasing production immediately. No more cookies. Ever. Then...there was a ray of hope. In early December Kellogg's swept in to save the day with their announcement that they were buying Mother's and would acquire trademarks and recipes to the classic pink and white Circus Animal cookies among other Mother's favs. But what about Archway? What would become of their Dutch Cocoa cookies or their Iced Oatmeal Cookies? Then just last week, it was announced that Lance--aka makers of ToastChee, the iconic orange cheddar peanut butter cracker sandwiches--is bailing out Archway. Rejoice! There are Frosty Lemon Square days ahead! And that's not all...


Lance's management team surprised the former Archway employees last week by presenting each of the former full timers with a $1,500 Visa gift card. Sounds like things are moving swiftly to get Archway back in biz. The company was expected to finish hiring workers last Thursday with preference going to former Archway employees and hopefully should be up and operating starting today!


No word when these fresh cookies will find their way to your local supermarket. But their still might be some old Archways on your grocer's shelves. When I heard of Archway's demise my mom went on a hunt for me and finally found a couple of bags at a Big Y supermarket. Mmm. Halloween Archway Circus Animals. Still tastes good to me! And Archway molasses cookies. Yum. Can't wait to see these guys back in stores. Thanks, Lance for making my Christmas!



Jaime Temairik said...


If only Kellogg's would bring back the chocolate chip shortbread that Mother's used to make, too. But Circus Animals and Iced Oatmeal is really more than enough.

LasVegasGinger said...

I love the Brownie Bars! Thank goodness for Lance! I an so happy for the employees!