Friday, January 30, 2009

The Dessert Truck's All Smiley

Mmm, Apples and Whip Cream
I'd be all happy too if I could go on vacation for a month. Not that they were kicking back on a tropical island; they probably did important Dessert Truck work like have dessert experiments, and find good corners for me to walk to so I could eat their desserts. And stuff.

The New Spot
This week the Dessert Truck ended their winter break, and showed some love to east Midtown by parking on 55th Street and Lexington Avenue. I didn't get a chance to eat any of their desserts prior to the holidays so a few menu items might be new to me, but old to everyone else. The items in question are "Warm Slow Baked Apples" and "Passion Fruit Ganache Macaroons." I also noticed that what I believe are the Bomboloni have now been transformed into "Warm Brioche Doughnuts." To break my Dessert Truck fast, I went with the slow baked apples; apple chunks smothered in a cinnamony syrup with dried cranberries and a little crumble, topped with real whip cream. It is delicious, the puff pastry is buttery and flaky, it's the perfect thing to stave off an apple pie craving.

Dessert Truck
Check the website for the current location

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Anonymous said...

ok, i really have to make time to get the baked apples...