Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally, Some Kati Roll For Lunch

Paneer and Chicken Roll
Mmm, kati (or kathi) rolls began as Indian street food; delicious filling wrapped by paratha bread aka the Indian burrito. The kati rolls at Kati Roll Company are delicious to the nth degree, except they're on the opposite side of Midtown from my job, and the lines during lunch can be so long, there's no way for me to make it there, eat, and get back. But I didn't have work this week, and I did find myself hungry in Midtown. To Kati Roll it was!

I've been craving Kati Roll for a while, most likely due to me walking by the restaurant frequently so it was a no-brainer when hunger pangs hit me during a shopping tour (the sales are outrageous!) The restaurant was empty save for the workers, two lovebirds, and Bollywood posters, this is perfect because it means no line. At Kati Roll, freshness matters; they make the paratha bread on-site, and it is greasy. The orders are also à la minute hence the line that quickly forms during lunch. I went with the Achari Paneer (Indian cottage cheese in spicy pickle) and Chicken Tikka.

Paneer Roll
The Achari Paneer is by far my favorite, spicy, but overwhelming so; the paneer is covered with peppers, onions, and a spicy pickle paste. I think the paneer and paratha help cut the spice a bit making this bearable for me. The peppers also add a nice crunch. It is incredibly delicious, I probably should have just gotten two of these.

Inside Chicken Roll
The Chicken Tikka has spicy chicken pieces covered with onions and a super spicy green sauce, it may be the same pickle paste, but I'm not sure. The spice level of this wrap is much greater than the Achari Paneer; I ventured into "mouth en fuego" territory.

Kati Roll has another location in New York, 99 Macdougal Street, which is open late into the night. A third store is in London, and that one sells sandwiches too, something I think the other side of the pond would love!

Kati Roll Company
49 West 39th Street (btn. 6th Avenue and 5th Avenue; closer to 6th)
(212) 730-4280

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