Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gingerbread Doughnut Revisited

Gingerbread Bread Doughnut

I'm never one to ignore good advice, so I took my own and headed back to the Doughnut Plant to revisit the Gingerbread Doughnut...

With Lawman in tow, I hit up the Doughnut Plant yesterday afternoon on our way into the city to meet up with Blondie for a Co vs. Motorino head-to-head. I treated Lawman to a Valrhona Chocolate doughnut which was consumed so quickly there was no time for photographic evidence, though Lawman did proclaim it to be one of the most delicious doughnuts he's ever eaten.

I decided to pick up a Gingerbread Doughnut for Blondie since she missed out on the first one we had. The power of the Gingerbread Doughnut was too strong to resist purchasing another one for us.

Mmmm Gingerbread

This Gingerbread Doughnut was fresh out and spicier than the one from New Year's Eve. Warning...we discovered that the crystallized bits of ginger in the glaze tend to fall off in transit, which leaves you still with a damn fine gingery doughnut, especially if you didn't know any better, but for maximum enjoyment I recommend eating it in person at the Plant.

And Gingerbread Doughnut lovers rejoice! The nice lady behind the counter told me that these should be available until Valentine's Day.

Doughnut Plant Menu

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand St
Between Suffolk and Clinton
New York, NY 10002
(212) 505-3700
Tuesday through Sunday: 6:30am until 6:30pm

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