Monday, January 26, 2009

Kong Hei Fat Choi! Macaroni and Cheese Dumplings!

Inside Mac & Cheese Dumplings
This weekend, I wanted dumplings, but then I also wanted macaroni and cheese. Oh, macaroni and cheese dumplings! Brilliant! Yes, it was done at the 'sMACdown, but that's because geniuses think alike.

So Cheesy, So Delicious
Granted my mac and cheese dumplings weren't as well thought out as Mike Betit's; he included fresh ginger, scallions, and garlic, where mine just included gruyère, Blarney cheese, and some Vermont cheddar. Those three cheeses blended very well together, giving me some cheesy deliciousness.

East Meets West
Due to the holiday, my local Chinese market was chaotic and had slim pickings when it came to wrappers. I was able to procure some square won ton ones, as well as round gyozas. I have had some experience with filling and wrapping, even though it was with raviolis and pierogies, not dumplings.

I Need an Asian Grandma
My sealing style left much to be desired. Next time I'm in Flushing, I need to pay more attention to the kitchen action.

Fried Mac & Cheese Dumplings
And then I didn't even steam them! I know, how could I, but understand that I was starving and getting very impatient. My seals were very weak, so I was a bit apprehensive about them as well. In the end, they were excellent; a little crunch from the frying while warm and cheesy on the inside. This is definitely something I want to eat again.


Mrs. Broad said...

i'm an avid reader of your blog and this mac 'n cheese dumplings pulled me out of hiding!
YUM! I can't wait to try this-- (even if it's been "done before")

Yvo Sin said...

Is steaming a requirement of dumplings? They look fantastic as is. And if you figure out the wrapping trick, let me know, because I can seal, but they aren't very pretty. I alternate "beggar's purse style" - you just squish them so they um, look like a beggar's purse - or just folding and pinching tightly with the egg wash.
BTW, I can't believe you voluntarily went to an Asian store this past weekend. I had no choice yesterday and was cringing and almost got into a few fist fights. Well. Almost and fist fight is a little subjective since I don't think anyone would have hit me back. Hahaha.

Siobhan said...

@Mrs. Broad: Yay, isn't coming out liberating? I have enough leftovers that I might try adding in fillings. Stay tuned.

@Yvo: I was considering beggar's purse style, but i got too impatient. Maybe with the next batch I'll try. Trust me, there was a lot of expletives when I went to the store.

Gar said...

You can get the wrappers at American supermarkets or health stores too to avoid the Lunar New Year chaos. What an innovative concoction!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love seeing the different ways people seal dumplings when faced with doing so on the fly, and these look terrific, and tasty!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I didn't quite realize it was New Year's either and I went to Tai Pan Bakery to pick up a cake....on a saturday morning....during New Year's... The fact it was a saturday morning should have been clue enough...