Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let Them Eat Van Leeuwen Ice Cream!

Shelf of Van Leeuwen
Last week, we received the wonderful news that Van Leeuwen ice cream is now available at Whole Foods throughout the Tri-state, and I became very happy. Van Leeuwen ice cream for everyone!!

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Pint
As it ended up, my family was in need of ice cream to accompany our New Year's Day dessert, a blackberry pie from Briermere Farm, and off to Whole Foods I went. And much to my delight, a whole shelf of Van Leeuwen was waiting for me. I grabbed some photos and a pint of vanilla.

Van Leeuwen & Briermere Blackberry Pie
Now, I've had two very different experiences with Van Leeuwen, once is was icy, once it was creamy, this third time would make-or-break our relationship. And it was made, it was made!!! The ice cream is creamy, vanilla-y, and the perfect topping on Briermere's DELICIOUS blackberry pie. Casa de Blondie is now full of Van Leeuwen fans; I've promised to bring my mom to the truck during the summer. My only disappointment was the price, $5.99 per pint. This will be a 'treat' ice cream for me, a winter replacement for visiting the truck, and I will be visiting the truck this spring.

BTW guys and gals, Van Leeuwen is looking for ice cream lovers for the trucks. Looks like I will be celebrating April Fools Day with a sundae.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream


Cathe Holden said...

Fantastic post! I am the designer of the Van Leeuwen logo and packaging. The packaging is so new that I had yet to see it on a pint container! Van Leeuwen and I work primarily through the internet and I'm way out in California. What a rush to see the packaging on the containers AND ON THE SHELVES!!!!

This made my day!

-Cathe Holden
Petaluma, CA

Siobhan said...

That's awesome! You all did a fabulous job with the designs. Hope you get to come here sometime and eat some.

Anonymous said...

what you said doesn't make sense. a pint for 5.99 seems like a deal, considering a scoop from the truck costs $4. how is it "replacing" visiting the truck?

Siobhan said...

Well the Van Leeuwen trucks have been off the streets since early November and won't be back until early April. The pints are only available in vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio, and the trucks have more flavors than that. Third, a pint can't make a sundae for you, or give you a smile with your ice cream, or let you try each flavor until you make up your mind.

Anonymous said...

I haven't yet tried that ice cream, but I'm thrilled you mentioned Briermere! They are a family tradition for us, too. My favorite pies ever. The peach and blueberry pies are killer.