Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Martha! Martha! Martha!

Martha Schwag!

I was so excited when Nichelle from Cupcakes Take the Cake invited me to join the CTTC crew in the studio audience for a Martha Stewart taping last week. I've always wanted to see Martha's show tape and this show promised to be extra special. Why? Oh, because Martha was taping a cupcake show that's going to air today...

Before I breakdown the taping let's back up Brownie's Martha cupcake connection a little bit...

Last spring I entered Martha's Cutest Cupcake Contest. And I was so honored when my Chow Chow cupcake was chosen from a field of over 2,000 extremely cute cupcakes. Martha even said in the that my cupcake was "the cutest chow I've ever seen other than Paw Paw" and that she really wanted one.

I've been wanting to make Martha her very own Chow Chow cupcakes ever since, but as I was preparing to make a batch for her last April I learned the sad news that Martha's Paw Paw had passed away. It's always difficult when a beloved pet passes on and Martha's post about Paw Paw's passing is one of the saddest things I've ever read. Seriously, do not click on that post without a box of tissues. Cupcakes are supposed to make people happy and I didn't want to remind Martha of poor Paw Paw so close to his passing, so I backburned the Chow Chow cupcakes.

Well, I've been following Martha's blog and I recently read the news that Martha was going to be getting a new Chow puppy--Paw Paw's grandson, Ghenghis Khan. I don't use this phrase lightly, but... ZOMG, ZOMG, ZOMG! So much cuteness. Monitor on verge of exploding! And when I learned I'd be attending her cupcake show it seemed a nice time to make some more Chow Chow cupcakes; this time in honor of Ghenghis. I wish I had documented the whole Ghenghis cupcake creation experience, but by the time I had finished the 4 Ghenghises it was too early in the AM for me to snap any pics that would have been in focus.

Fortunately the fabulous Stacie Joy got these snaps of my cupcakes as we were waiting to be called into the studio:

Ta da!

Here are the cupcakes in their Martha box

Holding Gheghis Cupcake

This is the Ghenghis Cupcake that didn't make the Martha cut. Lawman was sure to eat all the evidence...

Readying the Set for Martha

The taping was great. The show featured Martha Stewart Living food editor Jennifer Aaronson making Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes, a recipe that's featured in the special February Cupcakes issue and the soon to be published Martha Stewart Cupcakes book which will feature some 175 cupcake ideas.

Also on the show, Pam Nelson and Linda Lea of Butter Lane Bakery share the recipe their chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting--hint, it takes a lot of chocolate and Marlo Scott, owner of Sweet Revenge showed us how to prepare her "Pure" Cupcake, a cupcake made with plenty of Mexican vanilla. Marlo also showed us how to duplicate her signature parchment cupcake liners which make for a pretty nice presentation if you ask me.

All in all it was a great show. We even got to sample cupcakes much like the ones featured on the cover of the February issue of Martha Stewart. Yum. Plus a whole bag of schwag--a cupcake tin, polka dot cupcake liners, a cupcake book, and little cardboard cupcake boxes. Pretty darn awesome.

Mini Martha Cupcake

I was hoping I'd be able to give my cupcakes to Martha during the Q&A session at the end of the show, but alas, she had to hurry off to an interview so there was no Q&A. I passed the cupcakes off to one of Martha's PAs and tried to explain the whole story. They took the cupcakes and said they'd pass them along. I suppose I'll never know if Martha ever did get to see the cupcakes. I'd like to think that she did and that they made her smile as much as those puppy photos of Ghenghis made me smile.

The Martha episode is airing today. Check your local listings for times. For more Martha coverage, check out these posts on Cupcakes Take the Cake. Stacie Joy got some great shots!

If you are in the city, I highly recommend visiting Butter Lane and Sweet Revenge!

Butter Lane
123 East 7th Street
(212) 677-2880

Sweet Revenge
62 Carmine Street (btn Bedford St. and 7th Ave.)
(212) 242-2240


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I can't believe she named her puppy Genghis Khan. World domination issues, anyone?

I heart cupcakes said...

I'm totally jealous! Sounds great and those cupcakes you made are adorable!!!
Cannot wait to get my hands on the magazine once its out here in the UK, and will try and see the episode online if possible!

Cakespy said...

Aww, I wish I could have been there with you girls! :-) Your cupcakes are really adorable--I feel bad for Martha that she didn't get to try these clearly delicious cupcakes! Can't wait to watch the episode.

Anonymous said...

My friend and I were in front of you in line waiting for the show. I found your blog via the Grub Street link. How cool! It really was fun, wasn't it?!
Your chow chow cupcake is adorable!
Didn't you think the gimme cupcake was great?!

Siobhan said...

I can't eat desserts with faces.

Jaime Temairik said...

Eee! This is fantastic! I thought of you when I grabbed the cupcake issue, but am so thrilled for you that you actually got to live it. Hopefully my TV recorded it. Sweet shwag, too!