Monday, January 5, 2009

Shake Shake in January

SS Heat Lamps Not On

We saw Shake Shack putting the heat lamps in a few weeks back, but as of a walk-by visit on Saturday they don't appear to actually be on. Visiting ye olde Eater archive, it looks like this is a pattern; last year the heat lamps turned on at the end of January. With temps projected to be in the 30s throughout the week, we hope that the the lamps go on sooner rather than later, after all there are new custards to try. Yes, the January Custard Calendar is here...

And there are changes in store. It appears that the Shake Shack is now on a weekly custard schedule. I don't know how I feel about this. On the one hand, if you're a big fan of the flavor of the week you can keep your options open as to when to go or go several times in a row for that matter. On the other hand, less custard flavors. And I like custard flavor variety. There was something nice about seven flavors a month. How do you feel about the custard switcharoo?

Jan 2009 Custard Calendar

ADDENDUM: It appears that the UWS Shake Shack will still be doing daily custards, while the Mad. Sq. Park is going to a weekly custard calendar. The three additional flavors at UWS will be Date Cake, Carrot Ginger, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Interesting developments if you ask me. Thank you Fauchon Junkie for the tip! - B & B

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Anonymous said...

The UWS website looks like it still rotates by day. Thank goodness because I am a salted caramel freak but will be away the entire second week of Jan.