Friday, January 9, 2009

Sullivan Street Treats at 'wichcraft!

This afternoon I headed over to the Rock Center 'wichcraft for a soup and sandwich combo for lunch. While I waiting to order I noticed some new treats on their counter. Treats that I had never seen before. Treats from Jim Lahey's Sullivan Street Bakery...

The Pain D’Avignon and Sullivan Street Bakery supply the bread for 'wichcraft locations around the city. But in all my visits I've never noticed these Savory Brioche ($2.95) and Bomboloni ($1.95) options from SSB. I've heard much praise for Sullivan Street Bakery's Bomboloni and I was excited to see them available somewhere a much closer (and warmer walk) from my office than the actual Sullivan Street Bakery on 10th Ave.Surely this new development needed to be explored. Blondie was called. A mission was planned...

We asked them to warm the bomboloni and brioche slightly and about 5 seconds later our little bomboloni was warmed and oozing out it's filling. Hmm. I guess this wasn't the vanilla pastry cream filled kind. No matter. We do not discriminate against bomboloni on a basis of size or filling.

And our openness to new bomboloni experiences was rewarded. When we cut into it and discovered that it had much more raspberry filling than we expected. This was a mighty fine doughnut.
Inside Bomboloni

And what's more, the filling was quite good. Most jam filled doughnuts are rather cloying, but that certainly wasn't the case here. Delicious. I wonder how it stacks up next to the Raspberry Jam Doughnut from Bouchon Bakery?

The savory brioche was also quite tasty. The brioche itself was light and sweet and the cheese and prosciutto made for a nice savory contrast. The slight warming was a good call with this one.


For good measure--and because neither of us have had a cupcake in the New Year--Blondie and I added on a chocolate cream filled cupcake. The cake was very rich and chocolatey.

Wichcraft Cream Filled Cupcake

Oddly enough the bottom of the cupcake was more moist that the dense top of the cake. And though it only had a very thin schmear of frosting, the frosting that was there was decadent. The filling was a bit greasy and didn't add much to the experience. If the bomboloni are available, you can definitely give this one a pass.

Inside Cream Filled Cupcake

various locations throughout NYC including the concourse level of Rockefeller Center.


Sarah said...

Jealous of your bombolini! I had one this morning from Sullivan Street Bakery (ok, I had two - one cream, one jelly) and there was not nearly as much jelly in mine!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I dropped by the Bryant Park location of Wichcraft and they had no idea what I was talking about in regards to the Sullivan Street bakery products. So it seems that it's just selected locations, if not, only the Rockefeller Center one.