Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: Oatmeal Chocolate Chipper

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

With the Treats Truck back in action, Blondie and I couldn't resist hitting it up for the first time in the New Year. This time we ventured further into the cookie menu, finally trying out the oatmeal chocolate chipper...

Like the oatmeal jammy, this cookie had a very pleasant chewy texture. The cookie was oaty with a rich brown sugar/carmelly overtones. I have to say--and I know this is kind of on the verge of crazy talk--the chocolate chips didn't really do much for the cookie for me. Perhaps it was because the it was so freaking cold that my cookie and taste buds were chilled. If you like a good chock full o' oats cookie and need some chocolate to seal the deal, this cookie is for you. Me, I think I'll stick with the oatmeal jammy.

Our Treats Truck sojourn revealed some good news. The Pumpkin Cake is sticking around for the near future. Pumpkin Cake = LOVE. In fact Kim told us: "One man even ordered a whole pumpkin cake for the holidays. And then he proposed to his future wife that night." Aw.

Pumpkin Cake!

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Anonymous said...

I agree. the oatmeal jammy is, well, the "jam" :) - it makes their regular oatmeal cookie taste like someone forgot to include an ingredient or something. On Sunday, I sprung for a Bouchon oatmeal cookie. It was the first time I got one early in the morning and I have to say it was pretty damn flavorful for an oatmeal cookie. Post coming soon.