Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Tim Tam Shim Sham

Tim Tams
The first time I heard about Tim Tams was Gail Simmons' article on Grub Street. Then it came out that Australia's favorite chocolate biscuit was coming stateside via Target. Over the weekend, I found myself in Target when I remembered about Tim Tams.

Tim Tams
The Target I was in only had the chocolate crème Tim Tams, two crunchy chocolate cookies sandwiching chocolate crème, all covered in chocolate. One bite and completely agreed with Gail, they're delicious and I will be stretching the boxes I acquired for as long as possible. They taste different than most American cookies; there's no HFCS, instead you have sugar along with real cocoa butter, powder, and liquor. They only come 10 to a box, but I am fine with eating one, maybe two at a time as these are bona fide diet busters. Once these run out, I will be making regular stops at Tuck Shop, apparently the only place in New York where Tim Tams are available.

Tim Tams are available until March at Target locations nationwide.

Tuck Shop
68 East 1st Street (btn. 1st and 2nd Ave)
(212) 979-5200


Bianca said...

Have you done a Tim Tam Slam yet?

Anonymous said...

Apparantley they're also available at Holy Land Market on St Marks b/t A and 1st Ave...


I wish you saw these on my blog before the Grub Street post, I posted on these last summer!!

Gordon said...

How did you get them to levitate like that?

Jaime Temairik said...

Off to Target, thank you!

I want to know what a Tim Tam Slam is. Does it involve a White Russian?

Bianca said...

I did it with hot tea but I suppose it could be done with any beverage. It might need to be warm though for it to work properly. White Russians are always tasty though. =)

You bite off one end and then the diagonal end. Hold it in your mouth and dunk into said beverage and start to suck on it like a straw. The very second you get any liquid though you inhale the whole cookie because it starts disintegrating immediately. It's pretty strange but definitely fun. I do not recommend trying this on a first date haha.


There's also some videos on youtube

Siobhan said...

@Bianca: No, I haven't done one yet. I should go do one right now.

@NYCFG: I missed that one, but I did see you talking about them when they came here, and then back-tracked and thought "Ah, I could have been eating these all along if I'd been paying attention."

@Gordon: Magic

@CocoaStomp: Don't give the NY mixologists any ideas! We will be paying $20 to do a Tim Tam Slam with a warmed White Russian before you know it.

Penelope said...

At least they make your packets in 10... here in Aus they're sold in packs of 11...a prime number..therefore there's always fights for the last one, unless you keep the packet all for yourself LOL

(Tim Tam slams are best with good coffee, or Milo - malted chocolate milk)

Julie said...

Thanks for the heads up...I was headed to target anyway. It's always good to become addicted to something that won't be available long.