Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bacon is for Lovers

Piggin' Out for V-day
There is a silver lining to Valentine's Day; everywhere you go, people are putting together little love packages that can also bring comfort to the single soul. When Brownie and I visited Roni-Sue's the other night, she had a little love package too, the Pig Out!

Pig Out includes Brownie and Lawman's favorite, Pig Candy as well as two items Brownie cannot eat, the Bacon Buttercrunch and the BaCorn. When we went, I heard them offering the Pig Out (1/3 lb. Pig Candy, 1/3 lb. Bacon Buttercrunch, 1/4 lb. BaCorn), pondered getting it for a second, but then purchased all three items without going all the way to Pig Out. There is no method to my madness. While making my selections, I did ask "is this too much bacon?" only to be answered by a chorus of "No." Anyways, this was my first time eating both the Bacon Buttercrunch and the BaCorn, two of the newest additions to the Roni Sue menu.

Bacon Buttercrunch
The Bacon Buttercrunch

The BaCorn

Of course, I love them both. For the Bacon Buttercrunch, Rhonda adds some delicious bacon to toffee, then covers it in chocolate and toasted chile pinon nuts. Crunchy, porky, nutty, chocolatey goodness! The sweetness overpowers the spice in the nuts, so you don't get a spicy treat. I fell in love with this so hard, I had to have two more immediately after my first one.

It looks like a bat

The BaCorn is just as sinful: caramel popcorn with bacon and chile pinon nuts. It's out of control on so many levels. If they sold this at the movie theatres, I'd be a film buff. That's how good it is.

While we were visiting, Rhonda allowed us to see their new space on the street side of the market. They're hoping to be fully moved over by early April, we'll keep you posted!

Bigger Space for Roni Sue
Bigger Space for Roni Sue, More Room for Pig Candy

New Roni Sue Location
New Roni Sue Location

Peeking in New Roni Sue shop
Peeking in Roni Sue's New Location

Roni-Sue's Chocolates
120 Essex Street, #11/12 Essex Street Market
(212) 260-0421

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Anonymous said...

I love their pig candy so much, I cannot stop eating it! I guess I should get these 2 newest addition soon :-) Thanks for the info.