Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cheese News You Can Use

Cave of Cheeses
Brownie and I have often discussed our mutual love of cheese (except for cottage!) usually while eating cheese. We also both share an admiration for hallowed ground that is Murray's Cheese. Simply, we love Murray's and would buy Murray's cheese every day if our stomachs and budgets allowed. With this in mind, I wanted to bring you some important Murray's news: they now have webisodes!!

The webisodes right now pertain to portion control and have Taylor Cocalis, their Director of Education, teaching us how to best cut different types of cheese. All were taped inside Murray's caves underneath the Bleecker Street store; the noise in the background is their humidity control machine. It all begins with Episode 1, Lightly Aged Goat Cheese. Watch them all!

(Note to any future boyfriends: Please notice all tools used and clothing worn. You now have no excuse for "I didn't know what to get you." I want those!)

While we're talking cheese, Liz Thorpe wrote about the new Roquefort tariff. There's going to be a Roquefort black market soon!!

Murray's Cheese
254 Bleecker Street (downtown end of Cornelia Street)
(888) MY-CHEEZ or (212) 243-3289
Grand Central Market
44th Street and Lexington Avenue


Anonymous said...

The clothes are on their way but the tools will have to wait.

jbeach said...

Taylor is the best!!!