Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fried Pizza at Motorino

Fried Pizza at Motorino
After the Chili Takedown, I have to admit that I was, um, kind of hungry. You see, during the takedown I was dishing out runsas and extra chili. I only was able to elbow my way through the crowds to sample a couple of the chilis there. By the end of the evening I needed some sustenance. Since I don't make it out to Williamsburg all that often, this seemed an excellent time to take advantage of my proximity to Motorino and head over there for some 'za. What I didn't expect to find on the menu was a dessert pizza. A fried dessert pizza...

Fried dough pizza is a great New England tradition. And in the predominantly Italian town where I grew up, fried dough made a monthly appearance on the lunch menu. Yes, two pieces of fried pizza dough, each about the size of a bread plate, made up the main "entree." You could have the dough with cinnamon and sugar or as a "fried dough pizza" with tomato sauce and some grated Parmesan cheese. I haven't had fried dough pizza in ages and I was especially intrigued to see it on the dessert section of the menu.

Here the Fried Pizza involved stretching and frying Motorino's standard pizza dough, topping it amply with powdered sugar and then squirting the fried treat with lemon to make a sort of "icing." De-freaking-licious. So good. I never would have thought to squirt lemon over powdered sugar over fried dough. Brilliant! I'll definitely be back for this.

Adding Lemon to Fried Pizza at Motorino

319 Graham Avenue
at Devoe Street
Brooklyn NY 11211


Anonymous said...

Sooooo, does it taste like sweet pizza dough or like funnel cake?

Brownie said...

@phillygirl: It tasted like a cross between the two! It definitely had the chewy pizza sort of thing going. Really good stuff!