Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello, Kitty! Hello, McDonalds!

While surfing the internets the other evening I discovered that McDonald's is now offering Happy Meals with Hello Kitty watches. Hello Kitty watches?! Um, that's kind of awesome. Kind of awesome in a "my parents totally wouldn't have bought this for me but that doesn't matter because I have my own money" way...

I was supposed to meet up with Blondie for some Treats Truckin' and then hit up McDonalds for our watches. Alas, the McDonalds on 42nd near Madison did not have the toy. WTF? They had the display with the toy. But they were trying to unload some stupid "dog" Happy Meal Toy. Uh, no. That's not Hello, Kitty. Accept no substitutes, unless it's Chococat, My Melody, or The Little Twin Stars (ok, maybe not the Little Twin Stars, they are a bit eerily reminiscent of the Precious Moments Character--scary). FAIL.

Well, Blondie and I both had to get back to work so we decided to abort mission, but like some sort of sign from above on my walk back to the office I found myself in front of the McDonalds on 47th between Madison and Fifth Ave. Perhaps they would have watches...

And they did! I went for the 4 piece chicken nugget meal. As I was waiting for my food I glanced over at the wall and noticed that there is a prominently placed "Condiment Policy" sign.

Here's my semi-clandestine shot of the Condiment Policy Sign. Don't see it? Oh yeah, it's right above the dude's head. Sorry my friends, this was the best I could do without risking a lifetime banning at McDonalds. Further proof, I need a smaller, less obvious camera or my partner in crime (ahem, Blondie) to stand in front of the sign so I could pretend I was snapping a shot of her.

Apparently a 4-6 nugget order warrents only one thingy of sauce. You want more sauce you pay for it. When I opened my Happy Meal back at my desk I noticed that I only received 1 packet of ketchup and one little packet of salt. Sign of the times I suppose and it's not like I needed the multiple sauce pods or handfuls of ketchup packets--though maybe 2 packets would have been nice. Still it's no wonder their profits are up.

I generally avoid McDonalds like the plague. I'm not a beef eater so their hamburgers hold no allure and their grilled chicken sandwiches taste more like preservatives than real food. The nugget meal was a nice bit of nostalgia and I did get my snazzy watch. While I normally wouldn't be plugging McDonalds as a must eat place, if you are a Hello Kitty fan or know someone who is, this cheapo Happy Meal watch might just make them smile.


Click for the location nearest you and don't forget to ask before you buy if they have the Hello Kitty watches. They might try to palm off some "dog" on you.


Siobhan said...

Yeah, condiment policy has been around for a while. Same at wendy's, you have to ask to get ketchup, they don't just give you any. The only place where they provide ample amounts of sauce is taco bell. I will also have bags of fire sauce in my fridge.

talida said...

thanks for doing the legwork in finding out who has the watches! sadly, there's no explanation to why I eat McDonald's in the city... but I still do it. at least now I'll have a cute watch to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, hello kitty!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, I'm so excited to go to my local Astoria Mcd & get a HK watch!!! But I don't get the food, so I'll give it away or something! Thanks for the tip!!

Anonymous said...

You know you dont have to buy the food right ? You can buy any Happy Meal toy sans Happy Meal - here in Ontario it costs $2.49 for the toy. Way better then having to choke down those nasty Chcken McNuggets. BLECH!

Past Expiry said...

Check out this cartoon about the Hello Kitty!