Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A PSA or Two for Tuesday

Closed Crumbs

1) So, I'll admit, Crumbs has been quickly falling further and further down my list of preferred cupcake places. I'm really beginning to feel that the exponential expansion is interfering with quality. These aren't the cupcakes I fell in love with over a year ago on the Upper East Side. Yet, many of you may still have love for Crumbs, so without further ado, I give you the FYI...

Crumbs 42nd Street is Closed

Crumbs 42nd Street is closed for a few days. No reason is given why, just closed.

42nd St Crumbs has Cakes?

I did spy some cakes in the display case. May be for a private event, may be that they are bringing cakes to 42nd Street.

Martha's is Coming to Bayside

2) This one is closer to my heart and 'hood. Like Queens Crap reported a few months back, Martha's Country Bakery is keeping it real in Queens and taking over the former Marretta's bakery spot in Bayside. I'll let Marretta's rest in peace (and keep my mouth shut as I've been told to do), but I will say I wasn't ever impressed by Martha's back in Astoria. I will try the fruit tarts and cookies, as recommended by Yvo.

Crumbs Bryant Park

43 West 42nd Street
(212) 251-1500

Martha's Country Bakery
41-06 Bell Blvd.
(718) 225-5200


Jess said...

Crumbs was my favorite cupcake when I visited NYC a year and a half ago but the one in LA is just awful! The cake tastes stale and the flavors were very artificial. I thought maybe it was just a West Coast thing but it sounds like quality is not so good on the East Coast these days either. What a bummer.

Sarah said...

Whoa. I guess I haven't been paying enough attention on Bell - I didn't even realize that a new bakery was taking over Marretta's place.

I miss the fruit tarts from Marretta's...Sigh.