Monday, February 2, 2009

Restaurant Week Winter '09: Take Two, Devi for Din Din

Masala Fried Quail
Blondie and I took full advantage of this winter's restaurant week offerings. Alas, many of the restaurants we'd want to try were a bit out of our lunch radius--just too far to travel for a work week lunchtime excursion. So we decided that we'd splurge on just one Restaurant Week dinner. But what restaurant to choose? Blondie wanted Anthos and I've been dying to try Devi. We decided to settled things the old fashion way with a little roshambo. And seeing how Blondie and I are pretty much the same person, it took about ten rounds of draws before rock bested scissors. We were going to Devi...

Blondie and I started our evening off with a little libating. A Ginger Collins (Maker's Mark, lemon juice, ginger ale, candied ginger, $12) for me and a Mango Royale (Champagne, Mango Nectar, Chambord, $15) for Blondie. Delicious.

Devi Drinkies!

After perusing the menu we discovered that Devi regularly has a dinner special on par with the Restaurant Week $35 deal. At Devi you can create your own tasting--restaurant week or not. Here are the details from their site:
Two Courses – $35
(one appetizer + one entrée)
Any Three Dishes – $45
Any Four Dishes – $55
with your choice of
Dévi Dessert

We decided to select from the restaurant week menu. For our first course Blondie got their Manchurian Cauliflower and I went for the Goan Shrimp Bruschetta. But before those arrived the waiter brought over a complimentary amuse bouche. I love me an amuse bouche. This one was a little curried potato cake. Yummy.

Amuse Bouche

Next came the appetizers:

Manchurian Cauliflower-1

Blondie's Manchurian Cauliflower was in a word, awesome. Indian Chinese fusion has never tasted so good. This crispy fried cauliflower was tossed in a spicy garlic-infused tomato sauce and topped with scallions. I want to eat this all the time. I would come back to Devi just for this dish. Did I mention that I wished that I had ordered it, too?

Shrimp Bruschetta

My little Shrimp Bruschetta, the Indian Italian fusion, was not quite as successful. I guess 1) it was disappointing to see a plate with two tiny little shrimpys on toast while Blondie had a heaping pile of cauliflower goodness and 2) the little toasty things were kind of stale. Meh. Skip this and head for the Manchurian Cauliflower. Fortunately Blondie is a good sharer.

Next came our entrees. Masala Fried Quail for Blondie and I went for the Tandoor-Grilled Lamb Chops.

Masala Fried Quail

Once again Blondie was the winner on the entree. Fried chicken, I mean quail, is always a winner in my book and this came with spicy Indian slaw, Calcutta mustard potato salad. Lots of little bones, but all and all excellent.

Tandoori Lamb Chops

My Tandoor-Grilled Lamb Chops came with pear chutney and Southern Indian potatoes. The lamb was good if a little over seasoned. Again, Blondie's meal was a bit more ample. I would definitely go back for the Masala Fried Quail, the lamb, eh not as much.

For dessert there were just two options on the Restaurant Week menu. Blondie went for the nutty Emperor’s Morsel (Shahi Tukra) crispy saffron bread pudding, cardamom cream, candied almonds. She enjoyed it, but not as much as her dessert at db Bistro.

Emperor’s Morsel, Shahi Tukra

I had the Black Forest Cake, macerated cherries, cherry gelée, grated chocolate,
dark chocolate sauce and a wee bit of ice cream. This was a tasty way to end the meal. I'd love to go back to try the Shrikhand (Yogurt pudding, candied ginger, macerated fruit) or the Mango Cheesecake (Mango-passion fruit sauce, mango pate de fruit, mango crisp, fleur de sel).

Devi Black Forrest Cake

All and all, while maybe I didn't choose as wisely as Blondie (she is after all, older and wiser--love you, hon), Devi is a must return restaurant. And with the good news that restaurant week has been extended, it's definitely worth checking out for lunch or dinner.

8 E 18th St # 1
New York, NY 10003
(212) 691-1300


Siobhan said...

Hey, we are the same age for three months of the year; I'm not that much older!! I just did my research. And it was a Mumbai Margarita.

Anonymous said...

that fried quail looks amazing... i guess you can do no wrong when you deep fry something, but man, that looks good!