Friday, February 27, 2009

Springtime, Springtime, Sunshine, Lemon

Meyer Lemon Doughnut
I've been in a giddy excited mood for days now. No, I'm not in love; it's because spring is coming. Two days ago, the Mets began spring training exhibition games. On top of this, Doughnut Plant has been making Meyer Lemon doughnuts and sending them to my Joe. Lemon = Sunshine = Spring = Warm = Happy Blondie.

Meyer Lemon Doughnut
Brownie and I did try to get some Meyer Lemon doughnuts on Fat Tuesday, but Joe had run out by lunchtime. Yesterday, when I picked up my morning "large featured with room" and saw more Meyer Lemon doughnuts, I HAD to get one. "Brownie, I have treaty treat to share for lunch." We met at the Biryani Cart and shared a buffalo chicken pita before eating our lemony treat. It's not overpowering lemony or citrusy, but it is yummy and gave me just a hint of spring to come.

Oh, and what I'm also super excited for:

SS Citi -1
(Full disclosure: I completely jacked this from Shake Shack's website and used my skillz.)

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street, between Suffolk and Clinton
(212) 505-3700
Tuesday through Sunday: 6:30am until 6:30pm

This doughnut was found at:
Joe the Art of Coffee
Graybar Passage, Grand Central Station
Lexington Avenue between 44th and 43rd Street


Bianca said...

Wait. Is there seriously gonna be a Shea Shack? I'm not a Mets fan but that's pretty awesome.

Siobhan said...

Yes, Danny Meyer's group will be doing a lot in CitiField:

Siobhan said...

whoops, I'm having link issues today.

Slate of Amazin' Eats

Yvo Sin said...

Please tell me that's not the only location of SS @ Citi. That is about as far from my seats as you can possibly get. My seats are literally straight across CitiField from that location. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
(On the other hand, ups to whoever decided that and didn't make it accessible only to the closest tiers a la Mama's of Corona.)

Unknown said...

Thank GOD I dont live near Doughnut Plant and I have to trek from Brooklyn to get there. The Tres Leche are my achilles heel. i can eat a half dozen easy. Had the Meyer Lemon last week along with the Crystallized Ginger. WOW.