Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekend Desserts: Ricotta Pie

Ricotta Pie
I'm on a mailing list to try out new recipes for a very influential cooking magazine. Usually I don't have time to try out the new recipes within the next few days, but every now and again, a recipe calls out to me "Make time! Try me!!" Last week, that recipe was ricotta pie. Not ricotta cheesecake, ricotta pie.

Lots of Ricotta
Even though I've had ricotta cheesecake, I've never made cheesecake or pie before. Ricotta doesn't really appeal to me past using it a filling with pasta. I figured it couldn't be so hard, I have made PLENTY of cheesecakes and could just utilize that experience. One major difference was the ricotta draining. Yes, three pounds of ricotta needed to be drained.

Bread Lining
Another huge change was the lack of real crust. Instead of a cracker crust, the recipe calls for bread crumbs coating the spring form pan. Nothing else unusual, to me anyway, was called for: take the dried cheese; mix with eggs, yolks, vanilla, and lemon zest; bake with a water bath at high heat, then low heat.

Ricotta Pie
Then my ditzyness came out. I took the pie out of the oven, still in a water bath, and left it on the counter. I'm convinced that water seeped in through the foil and spring form pan, causing a wet mess. I did realize "Hello lady, you might want to put that on a rack," before all was lost.

Ricotta Pie
For my first ricotta pie, I think I did a pretty good job. It came out springy, dense, and moist, just a tad on the wet side. Good on its own, the perfect accompaniment ended up being a little berry coulis. I imagine myself making more of these during the warmer months not only for the fresh berries, but for the little lightness this pie had would make a wonderful summertime dessert. It's cheese, it's pie, who wouldn't love it! I'd divulge the recipe, but I'm sworn to secrecy!


Bear Silber said...

I used to have a similar problem with my cheesecakes....I stopped using a water bath and now they come out cracks on top either.

No matter what though, as I'm sure with your's, they always taste yummy regardless :)

CityMinx said...

Um, how would one get on such a mailing list?

Siobhan said...

@Bear: Hmm, I've found that the water bath is essential. Interesting. And yes, they're always delicious.

@CityMinx: Email us and I'll send you a link.

espressa-mente! said...