Monday, March 30, 2009

Bacon, Bacon, Oink, Oink, Bacon

Bacon Cupcakes!!
Holy bacon, Dewey Decimator and I hit up the Bacon Takedown yesterday, and we were not disappointed. There were lights and cameras (supplied by the lovely folks from Good Morning America), and over 20 different bacon contestants. And we ate them all! Really, we did, and have the bacon hangovers to prove it.

GMA Interview
Dewey and I have learned our lesson regarding these takedowns (take note Rachel!). We arrived early to scoop out the scene and get some pictures before the organized chaos reigned. This time we got to witness Taryn Winter Brill doing interviews with the contestants, and the hysterical Matt Timms. But you don't care about that, you just want to hear about the piggies. Well, with so many photos and so much to cover, I'm running through the highlights and winners!

First, the real meal types:

#22-Bacon Sloppy Joe
Nick Suarez (the unofficial takedown king) brought bacon sloppy joes.

#18-Home Cured Bacon
Electric bacon was home cured, quite a feat.

#28 F.U.B.J. involved many home made things

He brought a deep fryer!
and a deep-fryer!

#10-Bacon and Pork Shoulder Tamales
One of Dewey's favorites was the bacon and pork shoulder tamales.

Then there were the desserts, many, many bacon desserts:

#16-Bacon Cupcakes
Kumquat's Bacon Cupcakes

Brownie with bacon whip cream
Brownie with fresh bacon whip cream

#20-Caramel Bacon Cookies
Caramel bacon cookies

Bacon Cake
Bacon cake

#1-Bacon Ice Cream
Bacon ice cream

#7-Bacon and Avocado Ice Cream
Bacon-avocado ice cream

#12-Melissa's Mutant Bacon Turtles
and bacon turtles!

All in all, a very commendable showing by all participants. Nothing blatantly didn't work, some combinations just went together better than others. They really set the bar high for the next bacon takedown. But there has to be winners:


#18-Electric Bacon
Electric Bacon (#18)

People's Choice:

#1-Bacon Ice Cream
Bacon Ice Cream (#1)

Bacon Ice Cream, #1!
Matt congratulating the winner

View my full Bacon Takedown set here (I took a LOT of photos!)

More takedowns will be announced soon, including a vegetarian one (for you, Bez) and the summer Chili Takedown appears to be on!! If you want to stay in the loop for the next Takedown, I highly suggest checking out regularly or following Matt's Twitter.

ADDENDUM: For the GMA clip, click here. Don't bother looking for Dewey or myself because we successfully avoided the cameras.


Bear Silber said...

I don't know.....I think I'd like the bacon cake the most of all of these but they ALL seem like a stretch for me.

ladymoxie said...

I am in bacon heaven! great shots btw.

Richie said...

Wow! Great coverage, nice work!


the skint said...

big fan of the bacon cupcakes!

jbeach said...

Great post and pics, thanks!
I entered with the Korean bacon lettuce wraps. Don't think people were expecting to see any green! :)
They are super delicious.
Here's my post w/recipes and loads of fatty fotos, too...

White Hot Oven said...

What kind of icing was on the bacon cupcakes? Was it maple? MMmmmm sweet & savory.

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