Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blondie's Libations: Greenpoint Pub Crawl

Blondie's perfect evening
As I mentioned earlier this week, a good chunk (almost all of Saturday) of my past weekend was spent in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. That second nabe was for a Fun Committee pub crawl.

The Mark Bar's Specials
This crawl started at the same place where I noticed the Great Greenpoint Mac Off, The Mark Bar. A bit divey, but very neighborhoody complete with a Pac-Man table, a very nice bartender, and an awesome drink menu.

Pac-Man Table!!
Even though they serve some food, they don't mind if you bring some in from the outside. If I lived in that area of Brooklyn, I could totally see myself hanging out here.

Beer Menu You Can See
Next on the list was The Habitat. I thoroughly enjoyed their antlers and hunting lodge feel, but the space quickly became a bit cramped.

Black Rabbit
Then it was on up to Greenpoint Avenue and Black Rabbit. I'd first went to Black Rabbit last Memorial Day weekend, and somehow completely forgot how much I like it there.

It's very English, has a garden, there's doors on the booths, it serves absinthe, board games can be played, and best of all, they encourage making out.

Making Pizza
By this point, the entire group including the Dewey Decimator and myself were a little tipsy and in need of food. Well, wouldn't you know that Alligator Lounge has a Greenpoint spin-off, Alligator 2. Oh yes, there's pizza with every beer ($1 toppings!)

This is all that survives of the photos from Pencil Factory. I blame the previous absinthe. I don't remember much. Sorry.

Lots of beer
The Decimator and I split after that; she went home, I went to Barcade. There I got to witness the changing of beers on the big board. Out with the tapped, in with the fresh.

Out with the old
Barcade's main features, besides the fact that they run on 100% wind power, are the revolving list of beers, and insane video game collection. Almost the entire interior is lined with old school video games, which I am often too inebriated to even attempt. It's awesome.

The Mark Bar
1025 Manhattan Avenue
(718) 349-2340

The Habitat
988 Manhattan Avenue
(718) 383-5615

Black Rabbit
91 Greenpoint Avenue
(718) 349-1595

Alligator 2 (formerly Lost & Found)
113 Franklin Street
(718) 383-6000

Pencil Factory Bar
142 Franklin Street
(718) 609-5858

388 Union Avenue
(718) 302-6464


Ulla said...

sounds like fun! i love the pencil factory:)

Stumbling, Falling, Dreaming & Flying said...

ha, great sign!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. I took that same picture! You guys were in my neighborhood. I was there Friday.

But I have no idea what you both look like... Too bad.

I have a regular column of sorts about sandwich signs. Check back later today. I found a good one in W-burg.

Siobhan said...

I was there on the 7th, part of a huge group of friends. We popped in for about an hour before moving on. This list is seriously my 4 favorite things to do on a night out.