Monday, March 2, 2009

Blondie's Libations: Midtown Happy Hour with Mamacita and Friends!!

Sake Bar Hagi
Last week I got to join Midtown Lunch happy hour specialist, Mamacita, for boozy fun complete with raw octopus at Sake Bar Hagi! I had passed this izakaya a number of times, but never ventured in, even after it was showcased on No Reservations, so I was happy to join in the fun. And we had SO much fun!

Peach Sour Shouchu
While everyone else went for beer, I decided to try a Shouchu Peach Sour drink. Shoshu is different from regular rice wine, it's distilled and contains more alcohol than sake. It was vaguely sweet, vaguely peachy, vaguely sour, vaguely watered-down. There is a very light, clean taste; I imagine this is the type of drink where you don't realize you've drank too much until it's too late.

Raw Octopus Dish
I did get my very first taste of raw octopus here. It's chewy and gelatinous, and I believe marinated in rice vinegar.

For food, we went with skewers:

Bacon Wrapped Aspargus & Duck
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus & Duck (Look into this one Bacon Takedown contestants!)

Liver, Pork Belly, and Chicken Skin
Liver, Pork Belly, and Chicken Skin

This food ended up disappointing, we probably should have gotten actual dishes. For a full and official write-up, head on over to Mamacita's take on Midtown Lunch.

Sake Bar Hagi

152 West 49th Street, close to the SE corner of 49th and 7th Avenue
(212) 764-8549


Unknown said...

Whoo hoo! So much fun. Can't wait to drag you out again :-)

Yvo Sin said...

There's more alcohol in shochu than in sake?! Well that is excellent to know, I don't feel like such a lightweight anymore. Hahahaha. Shochu is delicious paired with Calpico and ponzu or is it yuzu juice? Mmmm :)
Those skewers are torture btw. Can't wait until I'm back on meat :(