Friday, March 13, 2009

Blondie's Libations: The Only World Record I'm Interested Breaking

Blondie's perfect evening
One of the ways to bond with me is to overindulge in booze together; it's what fun times are made of. And pub crawls bring together large groups of people with one common cause; to patronize as many establishments as possible in a given time frame. Added bonus: it's good for the economy! So, if you have no plans for the 72 hours...

participate in the world's largest pub crawl, going on all weekend long. Here's your chance to be a part of a world record. And when all of our friends come back from SXSW talking about how cool they are, we can say "Yeah, well, I'm in the Guinness Book of World Records now. Suck on that, Austin!"

For tickets, go to

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Anonymous said...

I think I commented on the wrong post. Oops. Anyway, were you guys at Black Rabbit on Saturday? (the bar to which this sandwich board belongs..)