Monday, March 2, 2009

Cupcake Celebrity Apprentice Episode Finally Airs

Back in October Blondie and I read on Cupcakes Take the Cake that there was going to be a celebrity charity bake sale in Rock Center as a task for this season of Celebrity Apprentice. Last night the Celebrity Apprentice finally aired and we got to the see the behind the scenes of the cupcake selling mob scene we witnessed last fall...

This season there was a diverse cast of 16 "celebs": Annie Duke (Poker Champion), Andrew Dice Clay (Comedian), Brian McKnight (R&B Star), Brande Roderick (Playmate of the Year), Clint Black (Country Music Star), Claudia Jordan (Deal or No Deal Model), Dennis Rodman (NBA Star), Herschel Walker (NFL star), Jesse James (TV Star of Monster Garage--married to Sandra Bullock), Joan Rivers (Comedienne), Melissa Rivers ("tv host"), Khloe Kardashian (Reality Star), Natalie Gulbis (Golf Champion), Scott Hamilton (figure skating champ), Tom Green (comedian), and Tionne Watkins (R&B star--aka T-Boz from TLC).

The men's team, headed up by Hershell Walker, chose the name KOTU (Kings of the Universe) while the women's team, headed up by Joan Rivers, took the name Athena. Then the Donald gave them their task: Create, bake and sell cupcakes. Team that sells the most cupcakes wins.

Several members from each team headed over to the Institute of Culinary Education to prep the cupcakes. And baking in mass quantities proved to be difficult for both teams. Khloe said: "I've never baked any cupcakes in my life there's no reason why anyone should do that." ATHENA's chocolate cupcakes didn't rise in the oven. On the advice of the folks from ICE, they filled the fallen cupcake with ganache. Good save!

KOTU's cupcakes fared worse. Something went wrong in the prep process. They forgot to add sugar. Whoops. The ICE folks recommended brushing the cupcakes with syrup so some sugar would soak in. Good idea, but not quite good enough. As Jesse James said: "Those cupcake taste like ass."

When it was time to hit the road, the men headed for Times Square (definitely a good crowd drawing area). Jesse James pimped their truck with photo stickers of the guys with cupcakes. It looked very professional. Tony Hawk came by to support Tom Green. He attracted a good crowd and donated $1000. Each of the guys drew a different crowd--sports fans of both genders, country music fans etc. At one point they even got the naked cowboy up on the roof. They decided to price their cupcakes at $20 and of course take any big donations as well.

From the very beginning Annie Duke ruffled all sort of feathers on her team. While Joan was seeing to the design and look of the truck, Annie commandeered the kitchen as the "lead baker on the vanilla cupcakes." Her management style was bossy and tough but she got it done. You could tell that Joan and her fellow teammates weren't happy. As Joan aptly put it: "Mussolini made the trains run on time but no Italians smiled when they were getting on or off."

Joan Rivers in the Cupcake Truck!
The women didn't really have a firm cupcake pricing strategy. They were trying to reach their big spender friends and get as much as they could for each cupcake sold. Sometimes that was $5, sometimes that was much more.

Blondie was suckered into buying a $5 cupcake and they refused to take my $2 (hey, I don't carry cash), with Annie saying "Honey, we can sell this whole tray for $5,000."

I wish that they had made a bigger deal about what the charity was--they were really vague with their "All the money goes to charity." If I had known at time that they were working to earn money for God's Love We Deliver, I would have been willing to hit up the ATM for this very worthwhile cause. In the end the women won the challenge: raising $61k while the men only $49k. The women also got a bonus $15k for winning the surprise taste test judged by Mia Bauer, owner of Crumbs.

I was glad that God's Love We Deliver benefited from this challenge. Seriously though, I hope these celebs keep their day job. The vanilla cupcakes were supposedly the best of the bunch left much to be desired. The words fugly and dry come to mind...

Now granted I wasn't watching the episode at the edge of my seat, so I might have missed something, but I didn't see any of the drag queens that Athena had by their truck. What up with that?

If you care who got voted off, last night the Donald sent this guy home.

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Amanda Crowe said...

Of course, since these are celebrities, the bake sale proceeds were for charity, and everyone tried to call in their most generous friends to give outlandish sums for a single cupcake. The task is to bake cupcakes and then peddle them on the street. Whichever team makes the most money wins. Sounds simple doesn't it?