Monday, March 16, 2009

I Would Love to Get My Bouch-on

Bouchon's Mint Chocolate Cupcake
The added bonus of going to the Celebration of Vodka event was it's proximity to Bouchon Bakery, the bakery I desperately want to love. I've been going for years and always loved it, but the last few times haven't gone so great. Here's the latest.

Inside Bouchon's Mint Chocolate Cupcake
After Moniker and I left, we had to stop by Bouchon despite it being late in the day, and filled with food from the party. They had the Ho-Hos, the TKOs, but I saw a cupcake, a mint chocolate cupcake with gold. There was gold foil involved - I had to get it!!!! It looks so beautiful: little puffs of chocolate buttercream, a chocolate leaf, chocolate cake. The mint cream inside is similar to marshmallow cream in texture and perfectly minty. I could definitely eat tubes of the stuff. The cake on the other hand was a let-down; it was too dry for me even with the cream inside. The buttercream was also not as delicious as possible; a little too greasy and the chocolate flavor was a little too subtle.

I should have gotten a sticky bun.

Bouchon Bakery
Time Warner Center
10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor
(212) 823-9366
There are also locations in Yountville, CA and Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

The Ho-Ho I got was a no no. Didn't enjoy the TKO any much more. Maybe they were having a bad day?

Anonymous said...

The cake on some items has been dry - not sur eif its a late in the day thing or what. I thought the Ho-Ho was good though. I have a commenter to my site "Jonnny" who has eaten at Bouchon 2-3 times per day for the last 10 days or so and left comments on my Bouchon post describing everything he has eaten. I told him that I would get pics and publish his comments - he wants to start a blog that does nothing but cover Bouchon... Hmmnm sounds good.

White Hot Oven said...

We took a field trip here a few weeks ago. Got the cupcake, wasn't a huge fan either, but for different reasons. Not big on meringue filling and buttercreams. If you did like the bacon fest.. you should try Bouchon's chive, bacon cheddar scone OR the maple bacon brioche... ohhhh I was drooling. So freakin' good. The TKO's are a bit boring for Bouchon, I was surprised. I also saw your comment about missing the pb in girl scout cookies.. try the pb cookie at Bouchon.. it's like a nutterbutter, no joke! (okay it's starting to sound like I work there, but no, no.. I'm just a pastry student that was lucky enough to try a ton of items in one sitting!)