Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Girl Scout Cookie Time

Though this weekend's snow might seem to the contrary, there are signs that spring is almost upon us. Signs in the form of chocolate covered cookies of the mint, peanut butter, and caramelly toasted coconut variety. I've come to a realization that I'm at a time in my life when I don't actually know any Girl Scouts. None of my friends have kids that are GS age and for some reason no one has hit me up at the office to buy cookies from their kid. In the 'burbs you can pretty much count on Girl Scouts stalking the local supermarket for cookie sales, not so much in Brooklyn. Girl Scout Cookies where for art thou...

I've always been a bit obsessed with Girl Scout Cookies. Thin Mints are my hands down favorite followed by Samoas®. I used to be a huge Tagalongs® fan, but ever since they got rid of the trans fats I don't think the cookies are quite as good...

As a kid I wanted to be a Girl Scout just so I could sell the cookies, not particularly so I could eat them, but more because of the allure of cookie capitalism and Troop Beverly Hill (best sleepover movie EVER). But I digress...if you are craving your own box or two or ten of Girl Scout Cookies as a New Yorker you have a cookie lifeline: The Girl Scout Council of Greater New York's Cookie Cupboard. Yes, a cookie cupboard filled with your Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos®, Trefoils, Tagalongs®, Samoas®, Daisy Go Rounds™, Thanks-A-Lot™, Lemon Chalet Cremes™, Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lemonades™, and the Dulce de Leche, a cookie with caramel chips and stripes that's brand new for 2009.


When I first heard about the cookie cupboard a few years back I was floored. All of the Girl Scout Cookies are stored in some magical cookie cupboard on 23rd street? It sounded too good to be true, but it is true. It really is.

The cookies are there waiting for you at 43 W 23rd St. Cookies will be available on the 7th floor of the Girl Scouts Council starting this Friday with the following hours.

This Friday, March 6th: 2:00-5:00pm
Next Friday, March 13th: 2:00-5:00pm

Starting Tuesday March 17th through May 8th the cookies will be available on the 6th floor on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Hours are as follows:

Tuesdays: 12:30-4:30
Wednesdays: 2:30-6:30
Thursdays: 12:30-4:30

No appointment is neccessary, you can buy just one box or several cases. If you are planning on a larger order (think a couple cases or more) it is best to phone in advance.

Alas, when you go up to pick up your cookies they don't actually bring you back to the cookie cupboard. You just wait in the reception area and a Girl Scout Council employee will bring you your treats. Cookies are $3.50 per box. They can do a money order, but prefer cash. The money collected from the Cookie Cupboard goes back to the NY Council, not a specific troop. If prefer your cookies by mail and you want to order 12 or more boxes you can fill out this form and have the cookies shipped to you for $10 per case.

For those of you in tax mode, according to the Girl Scouts site the purchase of Girl Scout Cookies is sort of tax-deductible depending on the situation.

* The cookies ARE NOT tax-deductible, if the customer keeps the cookies: "Individuals who buy Girl Scout Cookies and take the cookies home, or consume them, have purchased a product at a fair market value. For this reason, no part of the price of a box of Girl Scout Cookies used in this way is tax-deductible."

* The cookies ARE tax-deductible, if the customer leaves the cookies with Girl Scouts. Many Girl Scouts ask customers to pay for one or more boxes of cookies for use in their community service project, for example, collecting for a food pantry. The customers not receiving any Girl Scout Cookies do not benefit directly from paying for them. Those individuals may treat the purchase price of the donated cookies as a charitable contribution.

Purchases made for "Operation: Cookie" a Girl Scout initiative to get cookies to our troops overseas are 100% tax deductible. If you don't want to buy cookies for yourself, consider buying up some boxes for soldiers serving overseas. Girl Scouts will take care of the shipping and delivery. Pretty sweet deal.

The Girl Scout Council of Greater New York
43 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010-4283
Tel: (212) 645-4000


Bear Silber said...

Oh man.....Thin Mints fresh out of the freezer....epic!!!!

Rachel said...

I don't think they're selling Thanks-A-Lots (or All Abouts, as they're known out west) in northern California this year. This is so upsetting. Wish I had an east coast lifeline for All Abouts purposes.

Anonymous said...

gee, could they make the tax thing any more complicated? Anyway, I'm just going to buy them and eat 'em and forget about the tax thing. Mmmm.. thin mints...