Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March News for the Shack

It's March and the new custard flavors are available at the Shake Shack. From the looks of their menu online it appears that the daily custards are back at the Madison Park location. This month's line up sounds particularly delicious and intriguing. Also intriguing? The menu for the Citi Field Shake Shack...

I for one am happy to welcome back the daily custard flavors. 1) It's fun that the calendar switches everyday, 2) more custard switches mean more custard flavors and 3) it means the at least Danny Meyers thinks warmer weather is upon us. (Though maybe this is all some psych out to avoid using the heat lamps...).

Any way here's your March line up:

Shake Shack March Custard Menu 09
Not sure what "Giggles" is, but it sounds like fun. The Coffee and Donuts custard is definitely a winner and Blondie will certainly have to give the Strawberry Blonde a try.

But I have a feeling the diehard Mets fan in Ms. Blondie is much more interested in the Citi Field offerings. By the looks of the menu on the Shake Shack site, looks like Citi Field has a more limited, but still adequate menu.

Shake Shack Citi Field Menu
Here's the price break down between Madison Square Park and Citi Field Locations. Not surprisingly the prices at Citi Field are higher, though not outrageously so for a ballpark:

ShackBurger(American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Shack sauce):
Madison Square Park: $4.75 Single/$7.25 Double
Citi Field: $5.75 Single/$8.75 Double

Madison Square Park: $2.75 French Fries/$3.75 Cheese Fries
Citi Field: $5.25 French Fries/$6.50 Cheese Fries

Hot Dogs:
Madison Square Park: $4.25 Shack-cago Dog/$3.75 New York Dog/$4.75 Bird Dog
Citi Field: $5.75 Shack-cago Dog/$5.00 New York Dog/$6.00 Bird Dog

Frozen Custard:
Madison Square Park: $5.25 Hand-Spun Shakes (avail in vanilla, chocolate, caramel, black & white or strawberry)/$4.25 Double Dip Cup (avail in vanilla, chocolate and flavor of the day)
Citi Field: $6.50 Hand-Spun Shakes (avail in vanilla or black & white)/$5.25 Frozen Custard (Double dip cup of vanilla)

Few things to note: as of now it doesn't seem like vegetarians will have any burger or hot dog options. Very sad news, especially since Shake Shack's 'shroom burger is so freaking good. I was hoping it might make it's way onto the Citi Field menu, maybe they'll reconsider after they open. A girl can hope right?

Opening Day is on April 13th. Forget the "buy me some peanuts," I want cheese fries! (And a 'shroom burger!)



Bear Silber said...

Man alive....everything they produce looks amazing. I HAVE to HAVE to get out there....and soon!

Movie Maven said...

Giggles = Chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter. Yes!

Anonymous said...

wow, those prices at Gov't Bailout Field sound really reasonable. Too bad we don't have anything like the all-you-can-eat bleacher seats like some stadiums. one can dream though!

Yvo Sin said...

My first game of the season = April 16! Can't wait :)

Anonymous said...

Whats the point to Shake Shake without the 'SHROOM BURGER! It the best cheese-to-stomach delivery system in the world!