Friday, March 6, 2009

Rock Center Workaholics Rejoice! Dunkin Donuts is Now There for You 24/7

99 cent small latte

This past week while I was getting a 99 cent latte, I noticed a new sign posted at the Dunkin Donuts in the Rock Center Concourse. Apparently this DD is going 24/7. And I for one I'm very excited...

If you work late in the Rock Center you know there aren't a ton of late night, stuck at the office dining options, especially ones that allow you to remain in the confines of the Rock Center caverns. Not that Dunkin Donuts is really a prime dining option...but I can imagine some nights where a 99 cent latte and a donut-y sugar rush might be a big help. And I've certainly had late nights when I've hit the concourse ready for my train ride home and wishing for a little snack to tide me over.

Dunkin Donuts
Rock Center Concourse Level near 49th-50th street subway exit

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Nicole said...

I havent been to a DD in years! I dont even know where one is by me.