Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day Cupcakes

St. Patty's Day Sprinkle Cupcakes
I have a thing for seasonal marketing, festive sprinkles and copious amounts of food coloring (yes, Blondie, I did just use the word copious). St. Patty's Day provides the opportunity to celebrate all of these things and how better to celebrate than with cupcakes...

This weekend I swung by Ladybird Bakery in Brooklyn to see how their St. Patrick's Day cupcakes compared with last year's offerings. They had their regular cupcakes with the fun St. Pat's sprinkles and the lady behind the counter said there were rumblings that their famous Emerald Velvet might be available today(on St. Patrick's Day even the red velvet cake is Irish). Call first to confirm that they have it in stock.

Tray of Emerald Velvet Cupcakes

Other available St. Patrick's Day cupcake options:
Grasshopper Cupcakes from Crumbs. Also, according to the Crumbs website they are supposedly offering an assortment of St. Patrick's Day themed cupcakes.

Crumbs Mint Choco Cupcake

And if you're at the parade tomorrow, walk south a couple of blocks to the Treats Truck. They're planning on parking on 38th street and 5th Ave and they'll have a whole assortment of St. Patrick's Day treats including some fun cupcakes.

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Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's B&B! I love all the wonderful pictures of cupcakes you have here. Green sprinkles are the very stuff of spring!