Thursday, March 19, 2009

There are Good Cookies, and Then There are Bad Cookies

Midwest Cookies
If you search all the way back to the very beginnings of this blog (a time we like to call pre-blog,) you will see me showing Brownie my chocolate chip cookies because I love cookies, and my chocolate chip cookies are delicious. But I'll readily eat any cookie offered to me, especially chocolate chip.

Box of Frozen Midwest Cookies
And I don't knock the frozen or prepackaged types either. In fact, I have a HUGE soft spot for Entenmann's soft baked chocolate chip cookies; I can down a whole box without thinking twice. So when Brownie brought me back the Midwest Chocolate Chip cookies, I could only have been happier if I'd gone to Wisconsin myself! Of course, they've all been baked and eaten by now; they didn't last long once cooled. Certifiably delicious; I may have to go visit Wisconsin again, just to go get more cookies!!

Lily O'Brien's Cookies
Don't take this to mean I will be alright with just any cookie, particularly if that cookie comes from a packet costing $4.50 and has been flown in from Ireland. If a cookie is that expensive it better be chewy soft and taste fresh, as opposed to crunchy hard and tastes, well, like it had been baked weeks before and flown in from Ireland, and oddly only a little above average, average being a Chips Ahoy. I hope Lily O'Briens chocolates do me better when I finally taste those.

Lily O'Brien's Cookies-1

Lily O'Briens
36 West 40th Street
(212) 575-0631


Anonymous said...

yo, chips ahoy looks better than that. if you microwave chips ahoy, it becomes awesome.

Bear Silber said...

Well not necessarily traditional but so nostalgic for me, my grandmother used to make these for us (she always had them on hand) and we lost the recipe. Well like Monica & Phoebe, I recreated it:

My Cookies

Sarah said...

I liked their dark hot chocolate, but wasn't loving the sticky toffee chocolate I had. It didn't taste super fresh, and was wayyyyy too sweet for me. Meh.

? said...

what do you mean there are bad cookies?

Anonymous said...

I will try it at my home!
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