Friday, April 3, 2009

Assorted Chocolate Items Found in the 'Burg and the 'Point

Mast Brother's w Fleur de sel
Besides the Bacon Takedown last weekend, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time in Williamsburg and Greenpoint during the past few months. I like it around there, but it's not my neighborhood, I shouldn't be there so much!! Alas, I am and often find myself ending up searching out places I've heard about.

Mast Brother's w Fleur de sel-1
One noteworthy place is Mast Brothers Chocolate, the company run by Rick and Micheal Mast. Rick Mast previously worked for some very well-known restaurants and chocolatiers, including Jacques Torres. On the other hand, Michael worked on finance for independent films and television, while honing his chocolate skills on the side. Over a year ago, they launched their chocolate business, popping up at shops and markets around Brooklyn and Manhattan until finally opening their own shop on N 3rd Street in Williamsburg. When I found myself wandering that way, I stopped in and picked up a chocolate bar that I could share with Brownie, the fleur de sel. Yes, fleur de sel CHOCOLATE, not caramel as we're all now very used to seeing. The salt adds a nice crunch and complements the sweet and bitter in the chocolate. The quality of the chocolate is excellent, and with 81% cacao in this bar, it's more bitter than sweet. The next bar I'd love to get is the dark milk chocolate, but seeing as these are a bit pricey, it will have to be a special treat (wink, wink, Brownie.)

Mini Nutella
Another shop of note is Bedford Cheese Shop owned by Charlotte Kamin. Besides the wide array of outstanding cheese that they sell, they also have other grocery items like crackers, jam, and Nutella. Brownie was happy when I told her that they have her beloved Nutella glasses which I am always willing to empty for her collection, but they also have $1 Nutella snack sizes!! Apparently these are all over Europe as my well-traveled friends are not impressed, but I think these are the cutest things ever, filled with the perfect amount of Nutella for a woman who wants to keep her waistline.

Chocolate Cake Doughnut
I owe my last find to the Yelp 100. Yes, I went through it; no, I couldn't check many things off. I had heard of this Peter Pan bakery, but was a little uncertain where it was, so you can imagine my surprise when I passed right by it one day. Okay, the donuts in the window caught my attention and I decided to investigate further. Remembering that their chocolate cake doughnut is on the list, of course I had to get one. Delicious, delicious, chocolate doughnut delicious. Not too heavy, or overwhelmingly chocolate-y, this may usurp the chocolate blackout from Doughnut Plant in my book, a head-to-head will have to be performed soon!

Mast Brothers Chocolate
105 N. 3rd Street
(718) 388-2625m

Bedford Cheese Shop
229 Bedford Avenue
(718) 599-7588

Peter Pan Bakery
727 Manhattan Avenue
(718) 389-3676


Movie Maven said...

Peter Pan Bakery is between the gym and my house. Every day (that I actually go to the gym) is an exercise in willpower. That I inevitably lose.

Netts Nook said...

Looks like you found a great piece of dark chocolate. Yummy