Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Churros at the Doughnut Plant?!

Basket of Churros at the Doughnut Plant

Lawman and I recently had a Lower East Side grazing brunch. We started with a knish at Yonah Schimmel's, followed by a bagel and lox with an egg cream at Russ and Daughters and polished off our meal with a trip to the Doughnut Plant where we came face to face with this beguiling basket of churros. I had seen churros on the menu at Doughnut Plant but I've never actually seen them up close and personal. Initially I was dismissive. I mean come on, it's called the Doughnut Plant for a reason, but then I read the sign and discovered these weren't any old churros...

No, this was a basket of churros rellenos con cajeta--churros that are filled with a goat milk caramel. Um, you had me at goat milk caramel. Oh, who am I kidding? You had me at filled churro.

Churros Rellenos from Doughnut Plant

Many of the churros I've encountered in the city have been mediocre at best. The churros from the Doughnut Plant were exceptional. Fresh and cinnamony, chewy yet tender, the churros rellenos are worth saving little extra tummy space.

Inside the Churros Rellenos from Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street, between Suffolk and Clinton
(212) 505-3700
Tuesday through Sunday: 6:30am until 6:30pm


roopa said...

I've seen those there each of the last three times I've been to the Plant (the last one being this past Friday) but I blew them off - I mean, this is the Doughnut Plant. But now I will have to get one next time!

anna said...

What's with the churro dismissal?? They're like doughnut sticks! I love churros.

kathryn said...

Nice to hear that those are good.

I've gotten regular churros from the Donut Plant, and they just taste old and stale. :(

Jamie said...

You just described my ideal NYC morning (how I miss them), a knish, lox and bagel and yummy cinnamony churros! Wow! How lucky did you feel to be eating all of that?

Brownie said...

@roopa: definitely do give it a try!

@anna: lol. churros can be downright awesome, but a lot of times they are just sort of meh. Maybe it's a result of Taco Bell churros saturation in high school.

@kathryn: that's a bummer. the filling is really what sealed the deal with ordering these.

@jamie: wandering around the Lower East Side eating all that yummy food I definitely appreciated my good fortune. I love these sorts of weekend noshing walks.