Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Down the Hatch Into Spicy-land

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Of course, I was NOT going to visit Essex Street Market and NOT stop by Roni-Sue's! Just the thought of doing that makes my head spin, especially when the lovely Rhonda Kave said "Blondie, you need to try my new spicy chocolate, Down the Hatch!" Rhonda's been playing around with dehydrated Hatch green chiles and chocolate. People, this is serious!

Hatch chiles come from Hatch, New Mexico, which is located in the fertile Rio Grande Valley. These chiles are only ripe for a few weeks every year, are only available from this area, and are considered some of the best tasting chiles. From what I understand, there isn't just one type, instead there are several, each with its own spice quotient.

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Now Rhonda has already experimented with spicy chocolate; she has the Diablo, and the Zydeco truffles available at the shoppe. Down the Hatch is different with the dehydrated chiles being housed in its crunchy toffee center, which is then dipped in dark chocolate and topped off with ground cocoa nibs and smoked vanilla sea salt. The spice doesn't hit you at first bite, it happens gradually over the course of maybe 10 seconds. It gently warms the back of your throat until, for me, it hits 'en fuego' territory. By then it's too late, you've already eaten the chocolate; it's time to sit back and enjoy the warmth. They did let Stacie and I try this against the Diablo. The Diablo's spice centers more in the front of your mouth, getting all around your tongue and cheeks. The Diablo also tastes a bit fruitier; not sweet since the spice overwhelms any sweetness, just a fruity quality did come out for both of us. One advantage spicy chocolate has for me is that I often stop at just one piece because I can't handle any more; a dieter's friend! I highly recommend getting one of each kind, and doing your own head-to-head.

120 Essex Street
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Stacie Joy said...

This was such a fun day, Miss Blondie! I smile whenever I think of sharing Roni-Sue's hot and spicy chocolates with you.

Brownie said...

So jealous. I loooove hatch chiles. I wish these didn't have nuts. :(