Sunday, April 19, 2009

Farewell Amai, We Hardly Knew Ye!

Green Tea Cupcakes from Amai

Blondie and I discovered Amai Tea & Bake House last fall thanks to our friend Gary. I immediately fell in love with their green tea cupcake, a subtly sweet yet smoky treat unlike any other cupcake I've had before. All the times I've been to Amai it's been bustling so I was crushed to learn that Amai is closing their doors today...

Amai's owner Kelli Bernard wrote a heartfelt post about the closing on her blog. It's really tragic the toll these rough economic times are having on places like Amai. Very sad indeed. The good news is that Kelli is looking forward to moving back to California and will be getting married to her partner Andrew in the fall. There's even talk of her exploring writing a cook book! I'll be one of the first in line for a copy, especially if their green tea cupcake recipe is in there!

Cupcakes from Amai

If you're in the Union Square area today be sure to stop by Amai for a cupcake and a cuppa.

Amai Tea & Bake House
171 Third Ave
Between 16th and 17th St.
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212.863.9630


Gar said...

i know. I visited it the first time last weekend. Glad I went. I wish Kelli lots of luck. Would love to see her new baking book too!

anna said...

Oh no! I was going to try to go there when I was in the city earlier this month and didn't get a chance due to the weather. I want a smoky matcha cupcake :(