Monday, April 20, 2009

Pizza + Fro-yo + Gelato=B&B's Perfect Lunch Spot

Regular and Potato Slice
Pizza by the inch has always intrigued me. How many inches is regular? How many inches is too many inches? Can't I just get a regular slice? There are definitely too many decisions that need to go into getting some pizza. Regardless, I was determined to try Golosi, the latest pizza place in Midtown.

During last summer's fro-yo wars, I realized that the my second runner-up, behind the unbeatable 40 Carrots, was Yolato. Mainly due to their creaminess, and rotating flavors, but also because it's the best fro-yo close to my office. I refuse to travel far for frozen yogurt. Yet, the wars are over, there were winners, there were losers, and the losers are going home. Yolato seems to be one of them. I quickly realized Golosi was opening at my former go-to's spot, and began hoping against hope that they would be doing a combined spot. Lucky for me, they are! Yes, pizza, fro-yo, and gelato in one storefront. Throw in some beer and I'm sold! (note: they don't have beer.)

Regular Slice
First the pizza, I got 3 potato inches and 3 regular inches. Somehow this came to less than $6, even though they're supposed to be at least 99¢ per inch, more with toppings (the same happened to Zach?) The regular was alright, nothing I'd go out of my way for. It has a thinner crust than most pizza places around, and it isn't covered in cheese, which can be good for diets, bad for queso-therapy.

Potato Slice
This was only my third or fourth time experiencing potato as a pizza topping, and this one was pretty good. The potatoes give a certain creaminess that combines well with cheese; it always reminds me of really good scalloped potatoes. Since this has no sauce, it tasted similar to a white slice and was very filling. All in all, I'd rather get 4 or 5 inches of this than the regular.

Blackberry Fro-yo
Now for dessert, they still have a large selection of gelato, and frozen yogurts available. I spotted everything from regular chocolate and Nutella to mango and blueberry. Yet, the best is they've kept the soft-serve frozen yogurt machine. The day I visited the options were plain and blackberry! I chose the blackberry, which was creamy and sweet without being cloying. My only caveat was that they could have filled up my cup a little bit more.

125 Park Avenue (between 41st and 42nd Streets, on the East side)
(212) 922-1169


Bear Silber said...

I've been wanting to put gelato in my shop!!

I also want to try that au gratin potato pie!!!

Amanda K said...

I want to try some!