Monday, April 6, 2009

Pizza: The Movie: Now on the Documentary Channel

DiFara Eggplant Pie
Lawman and I were chillin with our din dins in front of the TV this evening when we stumbled onto Pizza! The Movie, a feature-length documentary about the pizza industry. Turns out filmmaker Michael Dorian’s movie is making it's debut on the Documentary Channel...

We were a little late to tune in, so unfortunately we missed most of the action, but for any night owls the Documentary Channel is repeating the movie at midnight tonight. Plenty of time to order a pie...

For more on Pizza! The Movie check out the movie's website. And for more US Pizza team antics check out my interview with Pizza Triathlete Nino Coniglio.

Nino Coniglio, Pie Maker and Pizza Triathlete

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Bear Silber said...

Sweet! I'm going to TiVo this bad boy. Thanks for the heads up.