Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Prospect Park Uncle Louie G's Returns

Strawberry Wafflewich

There's nothing better than spending a sunny day in the park and this warm weather we've been having marks the return of the seasonal Uncle Louie G's on Prospect Park Southwest...

Loading up the ice cream freezers at Uncle Louie G's

Last weekend Lawman and I swung by for our first cone of the season and we saw the ice cream delivery magic in progress. Boxes and boxes of ice cream and Italian ice being delivered.


I'm looking forward to having my first ice crem wafflewich of the season soon. Make mine grapenut, please.

Grape Nuts and Waffles!

Uncle Louie G's
157 Prospect Park Southwest
Brooklyn, New York 11218
(718) 438-9282


Bear Silber said...

This is one of America's greatest inventions!

Unknown said...

how georgeous! Thats my kind of sandwich :)

Paulie Gee said...

Grape Nut cereal in ice cream is also a big favorite amongst the Carribean population. There is an ice cream company that distributes the product to the stores and restaurants in the Carribean neighborhoods throughout the tri-state are named Taste the Tropics. Their most popular flavor is "Great Nut".

BTW, Brooklyn Flea is another great way to spend a summer-like Saturday in Brooklyn as you might be able to tell from the shots I took yesterday:


Paulie Gee